Monday, November 8, 2010

BU is #1 in new polls...Cue the duckboats!

The USCHO.COM poll and new INCH power rankings both have our Boston University Terriers are the #1 team in the nation after the team's undefeated start(6-0-2) through the first eight games. The USA today poll should be out early tomorrow or late tonight but all signs point to the Terriers being #1 in that poll also. This scares me because it puts a bullseye on this young team's back. I would prefer the underdog role as I am sure Coach Parker would too. Lets hope our Terriers dont do what the Patriots did yesterday and shit the bed once people started calling them number one in the league. This team has alot of hockey left to play and whether we like it or not, they will lose eventually (probably after the basketball team does which I doubt has ever happened before)and they will hit road bumps this season. Regardless of what we want here is what the top ten in the USCHO poll look like:
1. Boston University- Coach Parker hates this spot as it puts a bullseye on a young team's back that doesn't need any more pressure.
2. Minnesota-Duluth- Suffered their first loss over the weekend but bounced back with a win Saturday night and sit tight in the #2 spot.
3. Yale- This team took forever to play a game but now look like they will run through the ECAC.
4.Miami(OH)- Miami comes out of the weekend with only one point from Ferris State. Not what the #1 team in the nation.
5. Maine- I think they are the most talented and best overall team in the country with that one loss the only belmish so far this season. Mark it down now...this team makes the Frozen Four.
6. Nebraska-Omaha- They have nothing better to do in Nebraska than play hockey and grow corn so they must be good.
7. Boston(read Newton) College- It is early and this team is very good so no one should count them out, but it is tough to be the champs and B(N)C has been playing like it(hmm who predicted this?). Three losses in the last three weekends are not what you're looking for here(even though all of them were to good teams) but look for them to take some frustration out in Vermont this weekend.
8. Michigan- Their football team gave up 65 points this weekend. That is all I got.
9. UNH- This team is off to its good start as usual. It is all about the second half as this team crumbles in March year after year.
10. North Dakota- Their nickname is the Fighting Sioux...thats pretty cool.

The INCH power rankings were fairly similar with a few teams flip flopping here and there because it isn't a poll.
1. BU
2. Minnesota-Duluth
3. Maine
4. Yale
5. Miami
6. Michigan
7. Union
8. North Dakota
9. UNH
10. BC

P.S. I am stealing "cue the duckboats" from el pres on barstool sports in case there is some crazy copyright law about that.

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