Friday, November 5, 2010

Quack Quack's Money in the bank lock of the week #4

So I went 1-1 last week which wasn't too bad. I can't blame myself for San Diego finally waking up at half time and beating a good Tennessee team(which just got better by getting Randy the caterer hater). Oregon made me look brilliant by putting up 53 on USC and covering easily. Those are my Ducks.

Moving onto this week to get over .500 overall, I am going with

Minnesota at Michigan State(-24.5)
- Michigan State doesn't win big. They just don't. I don't care how bad Minnesota is. Yes it is first place vs. last place in the Big Ten but Michigan State has only beat one team all year by more than 25 points and it was Northern Colorado. They just don't blow people out. Minnesota is coming off a 52-10 beat down by Ohio State last week but that is their only loss by 25 or more all year. Yes it is at Michigan State but I don't see them winning this game by more than 20.
The Pick- Minnesota(+24.5)

Kansas City@Oakland(-2)
- Oakland is favored because they are home but I see them winning this game by a score or two. They are just too hot to lose at home to a young Kansas City team. Kanasa City is steady club who will be in a dog fight for this division with Oakland to the end of the season. They don't do enough to go into the "Black Hole" and win though. Jason Campbell is playing like an all-pro QB and Darren McFadden has more yards running after contact this year(369) than he did all of last year(368). That offense is a force to be reckon with.
The Pick- Oakland(-2)

P.S. The Pats are only favored by 4 and are a steal for anyone who really needs some money this week.

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