Friday, November 5, 2010

Just another crazy night in Hockey East...

So I just logged onto the Hockey East website to check some scores from the games tonight and my jaw(bill) dropped as I looked through the scores. Here is what I saw:
Providence 2 -Merrimack 0 - This score just makes me giggle. Merrimack comes into the season with all these expectations. You have their punk ass blogger claiming they are "as good if not better than BU" and should get home ice for the HE conference tournament. Then they split with BC last weekend after an opening tie at UVM. So coming into this weekend, I almost have to give them some respect despite how much I hate Merrimack, their blog and leader Da Costa the fucking Frenchman. After tonight, I am just laughing. I know it is early still but come on. You go into Providence and fail to score nevermind win the game. You can't score a goal on Providence...thats pathetic. Beaudry sucks if you just chant his name a couple times and say his mom is hot. No offense to Providence but you traditionally are not very good yet somehow find themselves in second place of HE standings currently. This is misleading as they have played more games than everyone behind them besides Lowell. But this game is a wake-up call to those losers up at the Mack. Beating BC at home gets you nowhere in this league if you come out and lose to Providence your next game. They played like they just won the SuperBowl kinda like the Jets do everytime they beat the Pats and then wonder why it has been so long between titles.

New Hampshire 2 - BC 1- This game really was a toss-up going in. Both of these teams are extremely skilled and it seems like UNH won this game with its goaltending. Not a huge surprise but always good to see those choir boys lose down in their rich suburb of Newton. BSRS and friend bought 14 tickets for the BU@BC game on Dec 4th so its officially a party now.

UMASS Lowell 3 - UVM 1- Really UVM? Ok this team must really suck for 1. Giving up three goals to Lowell. They have four goals in their last three games combined. 2. Only scoring once on them. They have given up 12 goals in their last three games. UVM's offensive woes might be even worse than we all thought. Or maybe Lowell did some really good crack before the game. Who knows?

Army 5 - UMASS 2 - This game is no surprise I guess. I thought UMASS would find ways to win games this year but it has been just the opposite. I don't know much about Army Hockey besides they went 11-18-7 last year in Atlantic Hockey and has already lost to UCONN and Holy Cross this year. The bottom of HE is really struggling against Atlantic Hockey teams this fall.

Niagra 4 - Northeastern 1- The bad news: NU loses to another Atlantic hockey school at home despite putting 43 shots on net. The good news: NU has only played four conference games which are the ones that count. They need to get their shit together soon though if they want to contend at all this year.

In other news, BU forward Yassin Cisse underwent season-ending ankle surgery on Thursday and will red-shirt this season. It is the same ankle he cut with a skate last year. He re-injured the ankle in the season opening win against Wisconsin.

I like what I hear from Jack Parker leading up to tonight's matchup with #7 Maine. He is not overhyping the game but stressing its importance to play better at home and even quoted the great Bill Belichick saying " As Bill Belichick would say:' 6 wins gets you nothing in this league'". That quote is like a combination of the two greatest things in the world: BU hockey and Patriots football.

Ok thats all I got. I am sure Redd10 will throw up some crap about how the Bruins sucked tonight and Thomas' hot streak ended later today. The Celtics won in OT though which is legit except no one cares because it is still November.

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