Monday, December 13, 2010

BU Drops to #10 in New Polls; Should Yale Be #1?

USCHO has posted this week's poll, and it features BU dropping back to #10. Yale maintains the top spot, while UNH hops over North Dakota to #2. The top 10 looks like this:

1. Yale
2. UNH
3. North Dakota
4. Minnesota-Duluth
5. Boston College
6. Miami
7. Denver
8. Nebraska-Omaha
9. Maine
10. Boston University

I'm sure QuackQuack will have something to say about the polls, but I just thought I would throw them up quickly. Another interesting page to check out is the RPI rankings. If you look at the strength of schedule column, Yale has the 26th toughest schedule in the country. Both they and conference mates Union (25) have SOS's outside the top-20, yet RPI's head coach insinuated that they were better than BU following Saturday's game. Really? Because playing cupcake teams in a cupcake conference doesn't make you a good team. Yale doesn't deserve to be #1 if you consider the toughness of their schedule, which the voters absolutely should. UNH, BC, Minnesota-Duluth or North Dakota all have much more legitimate claims to the top spot.

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