Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Jets Cheat

To start this one off, just remember that the Rangers scored more goals on Sunday than the Jets did points...

Are you kidding me? How dumb is that guy. Just goes to prove what everybody has said about the Jets all along: dirty playing, cheap talking losers. Embarrassing. And I'm sure this will bring on a "Spygate" reference from Tiger and the rest of you Jet fans. Give me a break. They taped games from the sideline. You can have game footage, you just can't tape it on the sideline or take any tape that benefits you during a game. Plus, multiple head coaches pointed out that they themselves did it as coaches and that most coaches in the league did it. So screw off. And they never taped the Rams walkthrough before the Super Bowl in 2001. Charges were dropped, Arlen Specter is a crybaby douchebag. Anyways, 11-2 baby! Suck it!

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