Monday, December 6, 2010

BU falls to #7 after bad weekend...Yale#1?

The Terriers fell five spots in the polls to #7 nationally after a weekend sweep at the hands of the Newton College Eagles. They may be good but they still are from Newton and are no good at talking trash even when they win games. They just walk into a poll while saying very creative phrases such as "BU sucks" or "sucks to BU". They also started a very classy and modest chant of "Jesus loves us" at the game Saturday night. As GW said, that's a retarded chant. Going to catholic school makes you no better than anyone else you arrogant fucks. You just have to take religion class while we take classes relevant to actual life. Fuck you.

Back to the polls though, the drop in ranking may bring the crowds down a bit for this last game against Northeastern but this will give this young team every bit of motivation to work hard over break to improve and get back to a ranking where they feel that they belong. Here is the top ten from the USCHO.COM poll:
1. Yale(10-1-0)- I still don't know how this team passed Duluth in the rankings but I guess the only team in the country left with one loss puts you at #1 no matter who you play
2. Minnesota-Duluth(12-2-2)- Duluth lost a tough one to Denver on Friday night but bounced back Sat night which still wasn't enough to hold onto the number one spot in the nation
3. UNH(9-2-4)- UNH continues to have a great first half. The real question is will they fold per usual in the second half?
4. B(N)C(11-5-0)- The bastards down in Newton jump four spots after their weekend sweep. I'll let them be ranked #4 in December. This weekend just shows how streaky this team is after two losses to Merrimack where they just looked like they couldn't play physical hockey.
5. North Dakota(11-5-2)- Jump up two spots after a solid weekend out west wearing black jerseys at home which they are 22-1-2 in since they came out a couple years ago.
6. Miami(10-5-3)- Miami continues to climb back to the top of the polls. Expect this team to be around come late March/early April
7. BU (7-3-5)- Our Terriers remain in the top ten at #7 with a pair of important games this week against Northeastern and RPI before the break.
8. Maine (7-3-4)- Maine only moves up one spot after only getting 3 points from PC over the weekend in Maine. If that series is in Providence, I give the Black Bears the benefit of the doubt but not up in Orono. They should have won two there.
9. Denver- They continue to climb after splitting with Duluth over the weekend.
10. Nebraska Omaha- Bigger drop than our Terriers after getting swept by the lowly (5-8-0)Bemjida State team over the weekend. They aren't quite as good as BC apparently.

17. Merrihack(7-4-4)- They move up a spot after splitting with Northeastern? The voters love Merrihack all of a sudden. We'll see how this team fares in the second half with teams no longer overlooking them.

Receiving votes
Providence- Stealing a point up in Maine Friday night is a step in the right direction for the Friars.

The Inch power rankings are also out(but the website is down apparently) as they have the Terriers dropping to #8 which is about where they stand nationally in my eyes and many others. The season is not over by any means. This team still has 7 wins already and the potential for 9 wins by week's end. Expect to see an energetic effort come Wednesday night against the forgotten city rival Northeastern Huskies( Granted they are forgotten because they haven't won a Beanpot since the 80's and suck this year).



  2. They beat RPI and Union this weekend...apparently that is enough to get past Duluth for #1. I don't get it but hey what do I know?