Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will everyone just listen to me next time? BC sucks part 2!

First, on an educated note, USCHO.COM published a piece on their hockey east blog about how up and down a season BC is having so far. Hmmm...I think I heard someone say that before the season. Oh yeah it was me right here. I said directly:
" This is especially tough at big time hockey schools as was way too evident for us last year. I can already predict how this season will go for the choir boys down the road...they will be extremely inconsistent. They will not stay one for long because they are a bunch of pansy ass little fucks who think the world should bow down to them because they do to that to priests everyday and call it theology class."

Now everyone is realizing the great QuackQuack was right again with BC#8 in the country due to inconsistent play and BU rising in the ranks even though I still hate how high ranked we are right now. Now let's taka look at what the HE blog on USCHO said today and compare the two shall we?

"Good games are followed by bad games which are followed by good games...
Head coach Jerry York says that the major problem has been players not bringing a solid effort each and every night."

Woah woah. Was I right on or what? Imagine how much money I would have made if there was a line on this happening. I would be even richer than I already am. Here is something USCHO kept making me put in so you clowns know I'm not stealing their words without giving props or some shit. It is the same link as I already posted so they can relax.

Read more:

Oh yeah here are reasons 13-20 why I hate Boston College
13. They left the Big East hanging when they bolted for the ACC. TCU is better anyway so suck it.
14. They are a college not a university aka they suck big time. Everyone knows that colleges suck just look at HE. Merrimack-sucks, Providence-sucks, everyone else-doesnt suck as much except UNH but might as well call them the rolling college of hicks because their houses are on wheels.
15. They were on ESPNU tonight for hoops and they beat Indiana yet the place was like 1/4 empty. Get some true fans plus half of the ones there were only there because it was the Big Ten/ACC challenge and the game was on TV. Wait until the games against Clemson in January that has 6 people in the stands.
16. Their whole fan event for the game Saturday is about selling tickets to each other. How about you talk about the fucking game?
17. They hit the T and now we have to take a shuttle bus to the game Saturday due to the construction. Ok I think i made this up but still.
18. their student newpaper publishes articles about how they are above drinking Four Loko because they are "classy" and should drink natty light instead.
19. They are a bunch of arrogant fucks.
20. They think they can actually make noise when they come up the game Friday and won't get drowned out...I think not.



  1. Boston College is actually a university not a college.... but they still suck.

  2. Well they should fucking change their name. That makes them even more retarded for calling themselves a college when they are a university