Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pats rest starters, backups thump Jags

First, I would like to say it is great to have football back and get goosebumps at the game as ozzy screams and the Patriots come out of their giant,inflatable helmet. This is going to be another great season approaching and it appears the genius Bill Belichick was it again making for a less than exciting but very productive pre-season opener for the New England Patriots. QB Tom Brady did not play after only 7 full-pad practices thus far as young QB's lead New England to a 47-12 victory over the visiting Jaguars. The Patriots also rested starters DT Vince Wilfork, Albert Haynesworth, LB Jerod Mayo, CB Devin McCourty, WR's Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Chad OchoCinco. The entire offensive line also sat this one out. You couldn't have asked for a much better performance by Hoyer in the first half as he was efficient and effective against the top Jags defenders. Here is some more insight to some guys who I think helped their cause and hurt themselves during the game.

Brian Hoyer- 15/21 171 Yards and a TD in one half of work while managing the game nicely is a promising sign for Patriots fans if anything happens to Brady this season.

Ryan Mallet- the third round pick out of Arkansas played like he has been in the league for years in the second half going 12/19 for 164 yards and a TD pass

Stevan Ridley- the third round pick out of LSU took advantage of second round pick Shane Vereen being injured and veterans sitting out as he was very impressive rushing for 2 TD's and catching another after the knock on him was that he couldn't catch the ball out of the backfield.

Taylor Price- Price made a strong case to earn a spot on the team as he was the Pats best receiver and seems destined to be the fifth guy behind Welker, Branch, OchoCinco, and Edelman.

Buddy Farnham- the free agent out of Brown and North Andover made a good impression once again in the reps that he saw as he had a pick defensively while also racking in 3 catches for 34 yards.

Dane Fletcher-the second year LB out of Montana made some big plays in the first half for the defense and seems to have locked up his role on the team.

Darius Butler- Butler struggled early against rookie Blaine Gabbert and was later re-entered into the game in the fourth which is never a good sign when Buddy Farnham, a WR, was lined up on the other side.

Aaron Hernandez- Hernandez was productive having six catches for 68 yards but also fumbled twice, losing one which wont make Bill too happy.

Tracey White- jumped offside on a punt to give Jacksonville a first down, not the type of mistake you want to make a special teams specialist

It was also announced that LG Logan Mankins' new six year deal is worth 51 million and makes him the highest paid interior lineman in the league. This includes a 20 million dollar signing bonus so if you're short on some cash just give Logan a call, I am sure he can spot you a few bucks.

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