Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Montreal...Let it Go...


"Crown lawyers will decide whether to charge Boston’s captain for the hit during a regular-season game on March 8 that sidelined Pacioretty with a concussion and a cracked vertebra."

I cannot believe this. There was zero intent to injure. In the course of hockey history, there have been hits and cheap shots that might have called for legal implications. The two that come immediately to mind are the Marty McSorely/Donald Brashear incident and the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incidents. These are special cases however where the two players involved were calling eachother out, and there was a pretty bad history between the two. Sure Paccioretty and Chara have had their issues in the past but they weren't sitting in the locker room saying "I'm going to get this guy". The other difference is that the play in which Paccioretty was injured was not a cheap shot or an issue with intent to injure. McSorely smacked Brashear on the head with his stick. Bertuzzi grabbed Moore and threw his glove off, smashed him in the head, and drove him down. Chara and Paccioretty? In defense of the puck, Chara had to drive Paccioretty to wall, and the stanchion happened to be there. Am I a Chara fan? No. I've hated him since he played on the Senators, but I back him 100% in this. This is getting ridiculous, and I honestly think even the Mounted Police think it is absolutely ridiculous. This, mark my words, is just Jacques Martin tryin to stir up controversy and get the Habs name out there, but in reality, he just looks like a jackass.

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