Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Been Such a Long Time...

It's been way too long boys and girls, but we're finally back in action.  The BSRS had a nice off season, but one can only play so much golf and Xbox before you start itching for hockey.  Luckily for us (and you), hockey season is just around the corner.

While we can't promise to give write ups for every game, we will certainly be updating this a few times a week regarding BU hockey as well as the Patriots, Bruins, and BU crew (just kidding, rowing isn't a sport).  What we can promise is that if another group of BC players decides to get drunk and t-bone the green line, we'll be the first to report it. Or maybe the second.  But definitely top 3.

With that said, keep checking back for a report on BU's first exhibition game, as well as our expert opinions on the outlook for the Terriers season (spoiler alert: we still think they are going to beat BC 3 out of 3 times).

It's good to be back...

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