Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 reasons why BC Sucks

We will get our interview with fan favorite Garrett Noonan up sometime late tonight or tomorrow morning so for now I am going to mock a similar post I made from last year on BC week but mix it up to make it even better. Here we go...Here is last year's post for reference

1. You call yourself Boston College yet you aren't a college or in Boston- Save the crap where Conte technically falls on the last corner of Boston. It takes you over an hour to get to the state house or the north end. You are just a bunch of losers going to school in Newton with a bunch of rich fucks.

2. We beat them 5-0 in November- Suck my nuts. We embarrassed you on national TV and are going to do it again Friday. That was all without Garrett Noonan. Now we got him at 100% and you don't stand a chance. Sucks to suck.

3. All BC students think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread- This is why I hated BC even before I came to BU. Memo to BC students- just because you take religion classes and tell yourself that you are so cool does not make you any better than anyone you arrogant pieces of shit.

4. Jerry York is a pious fuck- This guy is just one of those people who is way too nice. It is like Tim Tebow 50 years later in life. My favorite clip of York is when he was discussing how great the team mass before everygame was. Seriously bro? Team mass? Just let everyone pray or do whatever the fuck they want to do before the game instead of forcing them to listen to some retard BC priest(I'm Catholic so I can say this and not offend anyone)

5. Parker Milner is a sieve- Guy gives up more rebounds and soft goals than any goalie I have ever seen. Swiss cheese anyone?

6. BC fans are all pink hat frauds- For a school that pretends that sports are such a big part of the student life, they really have poor attendance unless the game is a rival or on television. It is easy to show up when the team is good. The true fans show up when the going gets tough. These kids are all sitting in some shitty Newton bar like "OMG today in religion class, the priest said we were the best because we were taking religion classes". Yeah how is that religion class going to help you get a job or perform it well? Just curious. I'm all for church on sunday if that's what you want to do but don't force every student to take it.

7. Bald eagles almost went extinct- Yeah such a good mascot. Eagles is just so original too. Fucking uncreative idiots.

8. Their AD is full retard- C'mon man you never go full retard. Just fire Spaz already and maybe you will be relevant again someday.

9. Tommy and Cam Atkinson beat up innocent bikers- See, you certainly didn't reflect upon your religion classes before you beat the piss out of this kid.

10. BC takes up a valuable spot in the Beanpot- BC has as much right to play in the Beanpot as Alaska -Anchorage. Fuck these losers.

That's all I got for now. Stay tuned for the transcript on that Garrett Noonan interview.


  1. My personal favorite from the last few weeks: Asking a "friend" from my high school class at BC if he would consider looking into trying to get my a ticket for the game on December 2nd results in him blocking me on Facebook. Guess what? $67 later and I'm going. Who's the real fan here?

    To be totally fair, if a person at BC asked me to get them a ticket at Agganis for a game, I probably would. It's a game, and I always like seeing a full crowd. But it's when people take it too far that I get angry. The response I got to a simple request to /consider trying/ to get me a ticket was far too much for me. Honestly, it's made me question whether I would be willing to get a ticket for a BC student now, because they really are arrogant little kids.

  2. Why would you hate a team because you beat them 5-0?

  3. Anonymous 2 - The title of the post is why BC sucks not why I hate BC. BU beating them 5-0 proves that they suck.

    Anonymous 1- Yeah I know some BC students as well and I would like to think they would get me a ticket if I asked them to but they also probably don't love the idea of us coming down to take over their arena again. When you're afraid, you will do some pretty dumb things.

  4. You won a game in November, we won the National Championship so you must have a strange definition of the word 'suck'. You are a dope.

  5. Way to answer a post two years later, theprofromdover. Do everyone a favor and just stay focused on your bingo night you old turd