Monday, November 28, 2011

BU moves up to #13 due to 4 game winning streak

BU moved up in the polls 2 spots to #13 as they approach the end of the first semester of play on the season. Hockey East took home all of the first place votes as Merrimack remained #1 in the poll and took home 48 of the 50 first place votes with #2 Boston "superfraud" College taking home the other 2 votes for whatever reason. The voters do realize they squeaked by Yale and had lost 2 in a row before that to ranked teams right? Anyway, polls mean jack shit but here is what the top 10 and significant others looks like this week in the poll

1. Merrimack 9-0-1- Ranked #1 as they should be but their schedule get tougher quickly as they move through December and January as they have 2 left with BU, and 3 with BC. They also have all 3 left with UML(see, I am giving Lowell a chance of beating Merrimack. Who said I don't respect Lowell? Well they were right but Lowell seems to have moved up from awful to middle of the road.)
2. BC aka Newton University 10-4-0- They suck and are going down Fri, Sat. BU sweep here we go.
2. Notre Dame 10-3-3
4.UMD 9-3-2
5. Minnesota 11-4-1 - Easily the most inconsistent team in the country. Either very good or making dumb mistakes left and right
6. Ferris State 10-3-1
7. Ohio State 10-3-1- They got Urban Meyer as their coach! wooo oh maybe not for hockey but whatever
8. Colorado College 7-4-0
9. Union 7-3-3
10. Denver 6-4-3
13. BU 7-4-1
14. Yale 5-3-1
17. Cornell 6-3
19. Michigan 7-7-2 - Going 4-7-1 since you were #1 will drop you 18 spots real quick

- INCH moves BU up to #15 but didn't approve of Gaudet's Tebowing celebration Saturday...such haters. Also, since it is BC week let's cue the music

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