Sunday, November 27, 2011

BU wins Red Hot Hockey 2-1 in OT...Time to Tebow

BU won the 3rd installment of Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden between BU and Cornell(ECAC). BU had won the first game in 2007 6-3 and then skated to a 3-3 tie in 2009. Last night, the game again went to overtime after an exciting 60 minutes of hockey. The game ended on a Ross Gaudet goal on a tip off a Max NiCastro slapper to give BU the 2-1 win. The win did not go without a disputed call, as Cornell believed that it had scored the go ahead goal on a fluke play where the puck went wide of the net and bounced back up and off goalie Kieran Millan's shoulder and into the net. The play was called no goal as the ref apparently blew the play dead as the puck hit some netting above the glass and that call stood after a review. From what I have heard, it was a pretty cut and dry call and the right one. Cornell coach Mike Schafer,however, disagreed after the game saying " If it sounds like sour grapes, it is. As a player, you don't get many chances (to win RHH)...that opportunity is gone and they were pretty disappointed with the result". Schafer went on to say that "There was no whistle. Everyone in the rink could hear there was no whistle." Yeah bud, the refs just made up the call to do Parker a favor because he always speaks so highly of them. It is just the typical Ivy league attitude that if they lose at anything, it is because they got robbed and not just because they lost the game. Cornell played well throughout the game and maybe didn't deserve to lose but they did and their coach did them no favors by complaining about it after. Go do some calculus you losers and continue to play in your weak EZAC conference.

Kieran Millan made 23 saves in a great effort from the senior while Adam Clendening tallied his first goal of the season. Props to coach Parker for rolling all 4 lines in OT as the fourth line eventually produced the winning goal for the team. Junior Alex Chiasson and fan favorite Garrett Noonan had assists on the Clendening goal while Ben Rosen and Max NiCastro had the helpers on the Gaudet's game winner. The highlight of the night had to be Ross Gaudet celebrating in a Tebowing fashion a la Tim Tebow dropping to a knee and praying as soon he scores for Denver. If you live in a cave and don't know what this is, just check it out below.
Also it is officially "Fuck BC" week. So I'll be the first to say it, BC sucks!

BC sucks

Update- Here is the video feed of the controversial call last night. Pretty clear that the puck went in after the whistle. So all the Cornell fans can suck it.

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