Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hockey East Power Rankings 11/15

Here are my Hockey East Power Rankings about a month into the season.

1. Merrimack 8-0-1(6-0-1)- Merrimack only has one legitimate win on the resume so far but you can't hold an easy schedule against them as they only play who is on the schedule.

2. BC 9-3-0 (7-2-0)- BC has looked quite beatable the last few weekends with losses to UMass at Mullins and at home to BU. Look for the Newton fairies to keep falling throughout the season if they can't play a physical, grind it out style when they don't have their 'A' game.

3. BU 4-4-1 (3-3-1)- BU has been inconsistent all season long but put together two efforts that were good enough to win against two top 10 teams this weekend. I expect this type of play to continue and for them to establish themselves in the same level as Merrimack and BC soon.

4. Lowell 5-3-0 (3-2-0) - Lowell has won 3 games in a row and seem to have found a style that fits their roster. First year coach Norm Bazin has done quite the job turning that program around. See who says that I can't be nice to Lowell?

5. UNH 4-4-2 (3-3-1)- UNH seems to have figured it out after that bad start but a tie at home versus UVM certainly doesn't comfort anyone either.

6. PC 6-3-1 (4-2-0)- PC is another program turning the corner behind a first year head coach. They don't have as many high quality wins as Lowell so they remain lower for now.

7. Maine 3-6-1( 3-5) - Maine is going in the wrong direction once again and seems unable to get enough goal tending to win consistently.

8. UMass - 4-4-2 (2-4-2)- UMass has also won 3 games in a row now including a win over BC and I'm tempted to put them ahead of Maine but for now they hold down the 8 spot.

9. UVM 1-5-1 (0-4-1) - UVM beat the #1 team in the country so they got the 9 spot ahead of NU.

10. NU (1-7-2)- This team must drive their fans nuts. They consistently play 1 or 2 goal games that they ultimately lose. Poor Vinny Saponari...oh wait I don't feel bad at all. Cue the music!

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