Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend Preview: November 4 and 5

After a hard fought 3 point weekend against UMass - Amherst this past weekend, your Terriers face another branch of the UMass system this weekend.  That's right, BU will travel up to everybody's favorite mill town turned heroin dealing hotspot on Saturday for a one night stand with the River Hawks.  Here's what to look for on this post-Halloween weekend...

BU's own Matt Nieto is currently in the midst of a potentially historical streak.  Dating back to last season's Hockey East quarterfinals against Northeastern, Nieto has scored in 8 straight games. 8. To put that into perspective, the current NCAA points leader hasn't even recorded a point in his last 8 games, never mind a goal.  If he can score on Saturday, he'll tie Chris Drury's best streak of 9 straight games with goals. Let's see if Matt can even hit double digits...

How's the Weather Down There?
Once again, UMass-Lowell finds themselves in the cellar of Hockey East.  Having already dropped their first two in conference games (albeit both to BC), Lowell looks to be on a one way ticket right back to the bottom of Hockey East.  And to those Lowell fans who think that the future is bright, let me just remind you guys that you won 4 Hockey East games last year. 4. Good luck climbing out of that hole.

They Give You the Pads for a Reason...
In 5 overall games this season, UML goalies have allowed 16 goals this season, a number which wouldn't be that bad if they had scored more than 15 of their own goals.  If you aren't going to blow the doors off offensively, you gotta stop the puck from going in the net - and the revolving door of goalies which UML employs have not been able to do that. In 5 tilts, they've allowed 16 goals, good for a 3.19 goals against average, and a .863 save percentage. Yikes. Hey guys, just a tip - try using the blocker once in a while.

Stay tuned to the blog for our Hockey East picks in the next few days!


  1. BU lost to holy cross (on a weekend they played only one game) who lost to Uconn... so UML's loss after they traveled halfway across the country two days before to Uconn might not be so bad after all. If you look at many blogs around HE they say UML is the most improved from last year and or skated along with BC for much of each game. I wouldn't say BU is the greatest in HE at the moment either.

  2. You're really going to play the BU lost to HC who lost to UCONN who beat Lowell? Nice argument. Typical lowell fan. It is pretty easy to be most improved when you only win 5 games the year before. I hope Lowell isn't that bad again for the conference's and the team's sake. They seem to be improving I will give you that and I expect the game to be close Saturday simply because it is a trap game for BU and they have failed to come out and beat someone they should so far this season. No one here is saying BU is the greatest in HE just that they should beat Lowell if they play like they should.