Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anti-trap game rant- Coach Parker, feel free to use this before the game

-photo taken by Debra Pereira

*The following post could be considered offensive by some people

-So the knock on the BU hockey game so far this year has been the inconsistency from game to game. Granted it is early in the year but fans have a short grace period after the last two seasons of inconsistency. This has been true so far this year as well... up UNH, down PC, up Denver, down Holy Cross, and then they fought from deficits to earn 3 out of 4 points from UMass- Amherst. Some haters are saying Coach Parker can't motivate the team anymore. I personally don't believe that and expect to see our first complete effort of the season this Saturday night. But, to leave nothing to chance in this weekend with a single game at the lowly UMass-Lowell(home of crack and trap games), I am going to motivate the team myself because the whole team obviously reads this crappy blog. Here is a collection of bulletin board material from this week. If you don't like it stop reading here...

First off, I am going to show how some of the 'experts' out there don't think you even belong in the discussion among the best teams in the conference...“ Let’s go obvious…Maine, BC, Merrimack are all as good as advertised:…But the fact that each of the clubs came away with wins in each of these games is an early, and important, proving point that all can win.” Link. This was Jim Connolly from USCHO who went out of his way to state that Maine, BC, and Merrimack are as good as advertised while conveniently leaving out BU. Fuck that. Prove this idiot wrong. Crush Lowell. This clown is writing you off after six games like the media hack that he is. Maine has proven more than you supposedly despite taking 1 point from a middle of the road North Dakota team and losing at home to Merrimack. BC and Merrimack are good but haven't played a rigorous schedule so far and BU atleast deserves to be in the discussion.

Second off, he(Connolly) thinks Lowell is better than you...“UMass-Lowell gets my vote for most improved…Coach Norm Bazin has this team playing a high octane game, transitioning quickly from defense to offense and shooting from anywhere.” As Denny Green once said, "Why don't you just crown their asses then?". He thinks Lowell is most improved and will probably pick them to beat you. Prove this clown wrong and send the shithole of a city that is Lowell back to their respective crackhouses.

Third, while he is building up your opponents, he is tearing you down like the idiot he is...“ BU and Umass, despite playing an entertaining series, have some big problems to address. For BU it is a slow start. Both nights this weekend, the Terriers behind the Minutemen…But BU fell behind early to other teams namely Providence and Holy Cross and those games resulted in losses.” Hey thanks captain obvious. We're trying to move past PC and HC games after learning from them not remember them. Why don't you mention how we(BU not me personally- I am aware I am not on the team) fought back in each one of those games, tying PC and coming within one against HC. Take a positive spin on BU for once instead of being a biased BC fan clearly. Shutup this superfraud and destroy Lowell.

Edit- * Connolly released this article today which just restates what he already said claiming BU has a major "red flag" since they have faced some early deficits.

Next, I have a quote from a frustrated UMass fan after this past weekend with their usual whining because they can't find a way to be relevant in Hockey East. Here it is “ I’m just frustrated because this is not a good BU squad. What I saw this weekend makes me think that Jack Parker is just about done with coaching. The talent is top notch, but BU was sloppy, unfocused, and undisciplined. Umass should have taken 4 points.” Yeah, you think Jack Parker is done? Well fuck you then. Kiss his rings you dumb prick. Unfortunately for Umass, "should have" doesn't mean jack shit. Jack Parker's teams came out and fought back to win some points. Don't hate on us because we're just better than you and can have an off-night and get no puck luck and still beat your asses. I mean with that being said, we have to put together 60 minutes so we can shutup the haters and prove to be the great team that we are. Just got to keep getting better each game and peak when we get to Tampa in April.

Now, we have the great Lowell "Ice is Life" blog hating on our season so far and thinking they have a chance this weekend. Let's make these thoughts go away by the end of the first period with a nice big 4-0 lead for Millan. First, "The only favored team to not earn all four points this weekend was BU, which settled for three from UMass Amherst, drawing 2-all on Friday out west before coming back to the big city and coming back from a three-goal first-period deficit to win 5-4 in overtime.” Okay, so that isn't negative but fuck it. Don't rub it in that we didn't get all four points. Hey 3 points is greater than 0. Their quotes continue though, with(referring to Matt Nieto's goal streak) " Yeah against Amherst. Who cares? Pendenza could that in his sleep. And as for his performance this season, putting up points against the likes of Holy Cross and UNH isn’t something to be bragging about. Get a life, fan boy.” Oh yeah? beating Denver doesn't mean anything? They are better than Minnesota State I will throw the house/dorm on that one. Shut these guys up and do it quick. I don't want to listen to these drug dealers still screaming about Micky Ward is the 'pride of Lowell'. We all know crack is the real pride of Lowell.
Then, they follow up those two gems with "“ Only one game this weekend, against a BU team that took 3 point from Amherst, but is winless on the road. Let’s hope that streak stays alive.” Yeah,yeah we've only played two road games you idiot. It isn't like we are in January and still don't have a road win like Lowell last year. First and only road win was 1/21 @ Merrimack of all places. That was also your only road win but hey 1-13-4 is a decent road record no worries. Once again, shut these idiots up. Haters are going to hate alot less if we go out there and play as Coach Parker would say "thorough" hockey.

Then we got one more great quote from the Lowell fans with this one tonight "“ You lost to HC who lost to UCONN who beat us so we re not that bad.” Oh ok buddy whatever helps you sleep at night.

So if the team did read this then hopefully they will have even more motivation than they already have to bury these guys this weekend. If you are a Lowell fan and going to whine in the comment section, please do. It is strongly encouraged. Don't get too far from that crack pipe though or the withdrawals will take over and you won't be able to type. Go BU!


  1. Prediction: BU 12 River Hawks 1

    Lowell complains after the game that the refs were the difference...

  2. And Jim Connolly actually picked Lowell