Thursday, December 8, 2011

MLB Winter Meetings

So as reported by ESPN, Big Al agrees to terms with the Angels. So makes me think where the rest of the free agents will go. So prediction time

1. Prince Fielder: seems like he is going to go where the money is. I could forsee Miami, Cardinals, Cubs. Mostly NL CLUBS since that is where more pursuit is coming from.
2. Jimmy Rollins: coin flip between Phillies and Cards now. Probably will get more monet to go to MidWest but each place he has a good chance of returning to playoffs.
3. CJ Wilson: between the Marlins and Angels, he is an AL pitcher and wants to stay that way.
4. Ryan Madson: Red Sox have an outside chance since Bard didnt prove anything late in the season this year. I think teams that need a closer(red sox, tampa(complete outside chance), etc will make a run at him.

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