Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UNH preview

The BU Terriers mens ice hockey(8-5-1) team prepares for the final game of their season series with the 6-8-2 UNH(University of No Hardware). The Terriers have won the first two games against their hick conference foe by a combined score of 9-1. However, the second game(4-1 BU win) was much closer than the score indicated. The Terries scored 3 times in the third to pull away including an empty net goal. This game, unlike the first two which were at Agganis, is in the middle of hillbilly country up there in Durham. Apparently the UNH fans are planning a "Blue Out" for the game which is odd to say the least. I have heard of "white outs" and "black outs"(which actually make sense) but a "blue out" is just retarded. How intimidating is seeing a bunch of people dressed in blue? The answer is not at all. Silly hicks. We better shut them out to keep the stupid fish off the ice.

I'll get back to the game though. According to our friends( we call them our friends but they probably hate us) at Boston Hockey Blog, sophomore forward Matt Nieto will be out of tomorrow night's game due to a shoulder injury in practice. This is a blow to the Terriers which will force other forwards to step up. He is questionable for Saturday's game at Maine. Either Wade Megan or Evan Rodrigues will probably be the guy to step up into one of the top 2 lines.

UNH is coming off a sweep at the hands of Lowell. Something that would never had happen a year ago. They should come out hungry on their home ice as they play their last game of the first half against a nationally ranked team at home. Speaking of Lowell, some of our favorite bloggers over at Ice is Life released this gem of an article today. Apparently, why they didn't jump from unranked to number 7-11(where they believe they belong) in the meaningless media polls is Parker's fault. This is also why BU is ranked ahead of them apparently. Okay buddy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with BU taking the season series from #2 BC and beating other ranked opponents(Denver and Cornell) while Lowell plays Alabama Huntsville and Minnesota State. You can make the argument that Lowell deserves to be higher than 18(I would give them 15) but, in a meaningless December poll, it isn't worth splitting hairs over. Lowell isn't a top 10 team right now so calm down and lay off the crack for a second. It also isn't worth your time(well you're from Lowell so I guess you got nothing better to do) to blame a coach who has openly said he hopes his team is ranked lower to keep them motivated (specifically last year when the team was ranked #1 in November). Just another example of people from Lowell going full retard(See below).

We should have a UNH recap and Maine preview up Friday. Tomorrow night's game will be on TV if you get WBIN which I believe is channel 50 on BU's cable system so all BU students should be able to watch the game(don't quote me on this).

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