Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guest Post #4

So we apologize for being late on posting our last two guest posts but we have been busy ignoring the existence of college hockey and anything that happened this past weekend. With that being said, we would like to send out a sincere and heartfelt fuck you to Boston College and anyone associated with the school. Back to business, we have Trout Slayer talking about some roadies from a fan's persepective and the team's ability to pick up ponies at will on the road this past season. We have one more guest post for you sometime this week and at some point, we will assign grades to the team in our usual biased fashion. Should be a good time. Without any further delay, here is the one and only Trout Slayer.

Guest Post #3

No Place Like the Road

When I think back about the year, the one thing that stands out is the amazing road trips I’ve been on. This team played incredible hockey outside of Boston this season, going 11-4-1 on the road, outscoring opponents by 24 goals. To go along with the great play on the ice were some of my favorite adventures and experiences off the ice. This year’s road fan support was incredible, with 200+ fans making it out to Newton, and 315 bringing life to Matthews Arena.


The crowd for both games was incredible, but especially surprising for the 1st. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, with a great t-storm on the way there and even better on the way back. On the ice, Milner looked lost in net for Newton and BU capitalized on its scoring chances well. The second away game also saw freshmen Yasin Cissé and Cason Hohmann tally their first goals. There is no doubting that the atmosphere at these games was one of the best I have ever seen, no thanks to those fickle superfans. Seeing Conte empty out midway through the 3rd not once, but twice in one season is the definite highlight of the year.

2. NCAA Tournament in St. Paul

The Terriers didn’t play their best game and were taken out by a hot Minnesota team. Attending the game was still a great experience. Getting chirped at by some bro in a “Flag Guy” Jersey, enjoying the overalls of Minnesota, and standing with the band did not make the loss any less painful, but I won’t forget it any time soon. Eating in the diner where Coach Bombay walked was just one of many gems away from the rink. This weekend re-assured me that I’m crazy, but I’m enjoying the ride.


On the heels of a comeback victory at Northeastern the night before the Terriers came out flat and needed a 2 goal rally in the 3rd to force OT. Chris Connolly potted his first two goals of the season and played a crucial role in the overtime winner. The fans were right on top of the BU bench, and it was certainly an interesting atmosphere without a home student section to yell at. The energy during the comeback was palpable and the fifty or so fans that came back from break early exploded with the Noonan winner.


This is just personal bias, since nothing really matches a good “We have mountains” chant thrown in your face. Rollie shut out the Catamounts in the first game where the Terriers played a pretty complete game of hockey. Courtnall even had a slick backhand move to beat Madore. Meanwhile even Escobedo found his sights and put two in the Vermont net. The second game the Terriers came out a little careless in their own zone but a late typically greasy Wade Megan goal knotted it up with the extra attacker. Alexx Privitera, coming off a broken wrist and clearly in pain during the game stepped up in overtime to provide the game winning goal and bring home the ponies.

5. Merrimack

This tilt had major implications for the Hockey East standings, and saw Merrimack being led out onto the ice by a student/possible mascot in a Spongebob costume. Fortunately, Merrimack’s Hobey hopeful Cannata was more porous and leaked 4 goals to the Terriers. The BOD, Matt Ronan, saw the ice as team was down to 5 healthy regular blueliners.

Oh, but according to one woman with 7 teeth, “Nobody Caaahs”.

I’ve heard plenty of explanations for the Terrier’s great road record. Maybe it was the team’s heart, concentration, or whatever else you want to say. No matter what the reason, once they got on the highway there was no stopping the Pony Express.

-Trout Slayer


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