Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guest Post #5

Here is Guest Post #5 for those of you keeping track still. This is from the famous Fake Agganis Arena. It is uh...interesting. We have one more guest post coming tomorrow or Thursday and then maybe we'll actually start to post again.

A Love Letter An Open Letter A Love Letter to Kieran Millan (and the other seniors)

NOTE: to get the full effect, listen to this as you read:

Hey Kieran,

What’s happening? How have you been? Things going ok with you? Good to hear. We’re fine, thanks for asking. Sit back and get comfy. We have a lot of emotions and we want to let you know how we feel.


Ok that was a bit embarrassing. But hey, it’s what we were all thinking, right?

On a more serious and sincere note, we just want to say congratulations on your four years here. It’s been a while that this BU program has had such a standout goaltender like yourself, and we probably aren’t going to see another one for a while. We won’t embarrass you by listing off your stats and accomplishments – we all know how good you are (but we will if you want…).

(This is where the rest of the team can start reading)

We just want to make you and the rest of your graduating class aware of the impact you’re leaving behind at this school and this hockey program. As you all know, you’re the last class to graduate from the 2009 Championship season and you’re leaving behind a legacy that students here will talk about for years to come. “Hey, remember that bald guy who was a total badass? Chris Connolly? Yeah, I miss him.” “Didn’t that Ryan Ruikka guy almost get a 4.0 while he was on the hockey team? Damn.” “Grant Rollheiser; what an attractive man.”

We’re not going to lie, we’re going to remember you for both your highs and lows. Winning a national championship your freshman year? HIGH. The season afterwards? Ok, that was a bit of a low. Losing three important players in a month during your senior year? Damn right that sucked. Bouncing back, letting the talk roll off your shoulders and still make it to the NCAA tournament? Hell yeah, that’s a high. If you are all going to be remembered for one thing, it’s your resilience. Most of you could’ve easily packed things up and threw in the towel. You’d already won a national championship – most people don’t even get to do that. But you guys didn’t do that. You fought hard. You wouldn’t let the problems of some affect the whole team. You worked hard to get to the post season not just for yourselves, not just for the other guys on the team, but also for BU. You showed everyone that one can throw a few punches at BU, but we won’t go down without a fight.

Some of you might be moving on to a professional career in hockey. Out of that group, some might even make it to the NHL. Others may be hanging up their skates for a bit to start a job in the “real world” (if that even exists). No matter what you all move on to do in your years away from BU, good luck. Never forget the time you’ve spent here. We definitely won’t.

Thank you all for sticking around and dealing with us for four years. Keep on keepin’ on.

Forever and Always Yours,

(Fake) Agganis Arena

P.S. Kieran: please remember us when you become famous. We’re expecting a shoutout when you win your Vezina Trophy.

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