Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post #6

So we suck and haven't gotten around to posting this last guest post(for now) until now so sorry about that. Feel free to continue to submit guest posts and we will keep posting them because they are more popular than our own posts anyway. Here is your post from "Mrs. Hartnell"

Welp, here it is; my attempt at providing a recap of the season. I thought it would be neat to try to summarize this season in one word (that’s what sporty people do, right?). After about 5 minutes of zoning out in math lecture the other day, I’ve decided to name the 2011-2012 men’s ice hockey season…(drumroll please)…The “Really” Season. Weird, I know, but hear me out.

Disclaimer: I don’t know jack about hockey. Really. I pretend like I know what I’m talking about, and sometimes I can pull it off, but seriously. Don’t even try to make sense of my hockey “knowledge.” I just know what uniforms I like/don’t like and who has the best looking team (cough cough Boston University cough cough).

Really number 1: Really!

Really 1.1: “How excited are you for hockey to start again?” “Really!”

This one’s pretty much a given. As soon as one hockey season ends I start looking forward to the next one, doesn’t everybody? I had always been a bit of a fan of hockey while I was growing up (Go Flyers! Yeah, judge away…), but I really became a fan/fanatic/freak/whatever when I came to BU. I still remember sitting at home, flipping through the channels on tv and stumbling upon the National Championship game. I had just submitted my deposit to BU and thought, “Hey, that’s where I’m going to school – might as well watch.” Well damn, I was hooked a few minutes in. I knew I would be coming into something bigger than not just myself, or a bunch of guys passing a puck around on some ice, but a team with an incredible history and culture.

But enough with me reminiscing about my innocent youth. Back to the season.

Really 1.2: “Your team really made it to the national tournament after not being in it for two years?” “Yeah, really!”

Ok, we all know it. The team hit a bit of a slump after the 2008-9 Championship year. As a junior, this year was the first year that I got to see the Terriers in the tourney. Yeah, blah blah blah the team actually played together this year. Yada yada yada we finally got our shit together. I just loved being able to go out to Saint Paul and root on my team.

Really number 2: Really?!

Things happened with people named Corey Trivino, Charlie Coyle, and Max Nicastro. Moving on.

Really number 3: Really.

Really 3.1: “Your team went through all of that drama and still made it to the national tournament?” “Yes. Really.”

So, I felt like a bit of a copout for brushing off this topic earlier, so I’m going back to it. You’re welcome.

Look, I’m not going to recap every single adversity that happened this season. We were all here. We all know it sucked. But you know what, it’s damn impressive that our team made it through that storm. If I may make a ridiculous analogy:

Our team was smoothly sailing down the Charles River when a wild wind picked up the boat and brought it to Shit Creek. With no paddles, the team just picked up some sticks and made their way home.

That makes sense, right? Right. In summary, this team proved that if life gives BU hockey some lemons, they turn right around at life and squeeze those damn lemons into its eyes. Yeah, take that, life.

But seriously, this year was a bit…weird, but I have never been more proud to be a BU fan. Let’s put the past behind us, and look forward to the new season. We have a great group of guys coming up next season (and some of them are pretty attractive, if I may add…) and I really hope that we can continue with this upward slope that we’re currently on.

Really 3.2: “Your fan section really did (insert ridiculous stunt here)?” “Really.”

If you even went to one game this season, you saw how much the Dog Pound really stepped their game up. Yes, I’ve always thought that they were great, butt seriously. Did you see them this year? They were creative, funny, and incredibly passionate fans that made their presence known at just about every single game of the season (if not EVERY game). I had the pleasure to go along with them to games at Lowell, Harvard, Northeastern, BC, and even Minnesota. Just like the team, they did not give up in difficult situations, and they just let the flack that they may have gotten from opposing fans just roll off their shoulders (well, maybe not). What really impressed me about The Dog Pound this year was that they never stooped to the level of opposing fans to make low blows about scandals opposing teams may have faced. That’s incredibly honorable. And although he is way too shy to take the credit he deserves for making this year the best The Dog Pound has ever seen, I really hope that Will stays in the memories of all students who were active fans during his time at BU (sorry for the embarrassment, Will, but it had to be done).

So, recap of the recap: The team did well and made it through a bunch of shit. The fan section was fabulous. Can’t wait for next season.

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  1. No really, it wasn't because of me, at all. 190 people responded to one Facebook post to meet at the Agganis statue. Last year 40 or so did. That made the future events happen. Not me.