Monday, April 2, 2012

Masters Preview

On April 5th to 8th, the Masters will take place at Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia. Some of you might or might not know but Quackquack, George Washington, and I love golf. We all play it and we enjoy watching it (yes, watching golf is very similar to watching grass grow). So I am writing this post for anybody that is interested and wants to know my 2 cents on the tournament.

This golf season is becoming really interesting with Phil Mickelson showing he still has some left in the tank and Tiger Woods returning to his winning ways 2 weeks ago at Arnold Palmers tournament and the young guns (RE: Rory McIlroy etc.) showing up more often on the leaderboard. As of today, the top five favorites are: Tiger (3.25-1), Rory (4-1), Phil (9-1), Lee Westwood(9-1), & Luke Donald (14-1).

As per usual, I think this tournament, if weather is not a factor, will come down to Sunday afternoon, Easter Sunday. The way this golf course is set-up is always fun to watch. You can have one big round and you are on top of the leaderboard BUT the dark side of this course is that if you twitch once you'll be looking at double bogey or worst. Personally, I think the odds don't mean anything. This course is known for repeat winners (RE: Phil & Tiger) so look for past winners to hang around all the way through Sunday. So technically Phil should have better odds than Rory but what does Vegas know they had the NY Giants at 100-1 mid way through the football season and look what happened.

I like, obviously, Tiger because he look awesome two weeks ago, Phil because he had a good week in Houston this past week, Adam Scott because he has Tigers old caddie, Steve Williams, and he knows the in-n-outs of that course better than most caddies, Keegan Bradley based on the fact he has been playing excellent this whole season so far. Possible dark horses are: ANY past winners, Sergio Garcia (hahahaha), Rickie Fowler, and Dustin Johnson.

Side Note: I really just like American and South American golfers. I just have pure disdain for Europeans and other Internationals due to the Ryder and Presidents Cup.

For some of you that don't know the course or wants to see some of the most majestic holes of the course look no further than Amens Corner (11th Green, 12th Hole, 13th Tee box), nothing gets better than those holes in golf. Also pay attention to the 15th hole, 16th hole. Those seem to make or break rounds as well. Typically, the Front 9 is rated on higher difficulty at Augusta than the Back 9. So if you really want to see some tough holes look at the Front 9.

You can watch the Masters on ESPN on Thursday and Friday and CBS on Saturday and Sunday. Also if you are stuck at work or in class bored to death and don't care about backside attack open your computer up and they have a site just for specific holes and important players.

Tigers Infamous Chip:

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