Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Terriers Of Beanpots Yet To Come Make U18s

USA Hockey has announced the U18 men's roster that will compete at the World Championships later this year in the Czech Republic and three future Terriers made the final cut to join the team in a sure gold medal campaign at that competition:

D Matt Grzelcyk (Fall 2013)
F Matt Lane (Fall 2012)
F Danny O'Regan (Fall 2013)

Again, seeing Mass. guys of this caliber like Grzelcyk and O'Regan coming our way I think bodes well for our future recruiting since over the last few years it's seemed like many of those kids headed to BC but that's for another day.

A couple future foes also somehow snuck their way in, almost certainly through deceit, bribery and general skullduggery.

F Cameron Darcy - Northeastern (Either Jim Madigan is a great recruiter or he's paying Darcy as if he coached the St. John's Sea Dogs.  Hint: He's not going there for the education or the history or the facilities and he is going there for the money that he is surely being paid.  No other possible explanation)

F Thomas DiPauli - Notre Dame (Had you been trying to repress the memory that they were joining Hockey East after next season?  Me too.)

F Frankie "The Situation" Vatrano - Newton CC, presumably via this place.  (I'm not stereotyping based on his name and nothing else.  No wait actually I am)

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