Friday, June 22, 2012

New Teams In Hockey East: Time for Divisions

So as many of have read UCONN Mens Hockey will joining the Hockey East in two years. Now I was thinking and writing on Twitter the other day and talking to the BSRS crew that runs the blogs twitter account about what this means. Personally, I think that this is great news and gives us the ability to create two divisions within Hockey East. Call it as you may North vs. South, Private vs. Public but I broke down the divisions into possible mouth watering playoff hockey.

The South Division would contain: Boston University, Boston College, Providence College, University of Notre Dame, UCONN, & Northeastern University. The reasoning is that you can't break-up BU, NU, & BC. They play in the Beanpot & obviously need to keep those teams together. PC, UND, & BC just make the Catholic schools perfectly happy. UCONN is the hard one to work in there. Historically, UCONN has a rivalry with fellow past & present Big East teams in Providence, Boston College, & UND. So I guess you can place them in there and place Merrimack in the North Division.

The North Division would contain: UVM, UNH, Maine, UMass-Amherst, UMass-Lowell, & Merrimack. So right off the bat you need to have Maine & UNH together. They hate each other. UVM is far enough north to contend with UNH & Maine. The UMass teams stick together based on how they are both state schools from Massachusetts. Merrimack is again the odd choice and since they don't fit in the South, you have to place them in the North.

You can keep the regular season the same as it has been. If it works, keep it. The playoffs will have 4 teams from each division. Rank them 1-4 in each division. Take the 1s in each division and play the respective 4s. Take the 2s in each division and play the respective 3s. The division finals will happen in the Garden and the Hockey East Finals will happen in the Garden as well. In each division, the odds for having a rivalry game INCREASE for Hockey East Quaterfinals/ Division Semifinals and make the hockey just so much better. 

Probably just a pipe dream...

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  1. There is one MAJOR problem with your divisions - MERRIMACK is a Catholic College as well. Oops!

    1. I know. Let rephrase: am trying to keep the the major catholic universities that used to play each other in old school Big East. BC, PC, UND were all in the Big East for a prolong period of time before BC went to the ACC. Also it works for UCONN as well. If you want you can make 3 divisions with catholics; BU, NU UMass schools and the hicks in the north be the other division including uconn.