Thursday, August 2, 2012

Personal Top Ten Sports Moments By Mr. WorldWide

Probably like most of you, I grew up with SportsCenter on the TV every morning from grade school to post grad life. Despite how the format changed from reporting sports to putting their own personal spin on a sport a la Tebowmania or Tom Brady this Tom Brady that and my personal favorite lets interview Stephen A Smith and let him tell us it is a race thing, I still watch for the Top Ten Plays and on Fridays the Not Top Ten. So I decided to make a Top Ten of my favorite sporting moments that happen in my life. I'll tell you what happened and how it impacted me as a sports lover.

10. Knicks vs Pacers, Larry Johnson 4-Point Play
 What Happened: Knicks were playing the Pacers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals and were down by 3 with an inbounds play to LJ. He pops for the 3, gets fouled and hte basket counts. Makes the free throw. Knicks win.
Personal: my favorite Knicks memory/highlight ever. I remember listening to the game in the car and got home right before he hit the 3. Practiced 3 pointers the rest of the summer.

9. Yankees vs Indians Game 2 ALCS 1998 Chuck Knoblauch Boneheaded Play
What Happened: Extra Innings Jeff Nelson picks up a slow roller throws to Chuck who was covering first. The ball hits the Indians player in the back and rolls away umpire says fair ball. Knoblauch argues while it was a live play. Leading to the Indians scoring and winning the game.
Personal: One of my least favorite sports memories but I remember it was the first time I heard about a 1,000 or so curses in about 15 seconds (I was there) and looking back it was funny as hell. 

8. NY Islanders vs Toronto Maple Leafs, Isles Fans Shouting "We Want Tucker"
What Happened: the year before the Isles played the Maple Leafs in the playoffs and numerous Maple Leaf players went head hunting and knocking out the 2 best Islanders at the time. It was the first game the Maple Leafs came back to LI and the Isles fans were shouting for Tucker throughout the game to play. Needless to say the Isles beat the crap out of the Maple Leafs and Tucker got his ass kicked
Personal: I was there, again. I'll say this. I fell in love with hockey at this game. Ruthless, scoring, passion to be Isles fan.

7. NY Mets vs NY Yankees Subway Series
What Happened: The Yankees played the Mets in the 2000 World Series.
Personal: I think this was awesome. Friends against friends, family vs family. NYC was in chaos, figuratively. 2 of your local teams playing each other for the title. No better way to watch baseball.

6. Manchester Utd CF Wayne Rooney Goal vs Manchester City Feb 2011
What Happened: Manchester United was playing Manchester City in a English Premier League Game and the winner was most likely had the title in the bag. Tied 1-1 in the 78th minute Nani with the cross and greatness happened.
Personal: Rooney, my favorite player, wanted to leave Manchester United earlier in the year. He decided to stay and scored the goal that basically won the title for the Red Devils. 

5. Mike Piazza Homerun after 9/11
What Happened: Mike Piazza hit one of the most historic homeruns in baseball and brought a city from sadness to belief in becoming whole again and kill those dirty bastards.
Personal: it means a lot to everyone in the tri-state area. Met fan or Yankee fan. 

4. 2009 NCAA Mens Ice Hockey Champ Game, Last 3 BU Goals
Personal: a friend of the BSRS crew wanted to leave while we were watching the game at Agganis when BU let in Miami's last goal. I told him to stay and watch us win in OT. Well, we did. 

3. Tiger Woods Chip at Augusta on the 16th Hole
What Happened: Tiger Woods was leading in the major at Augusta with Chris DiMarco not to far behind. Chris hit a beauty of a shot in the middle of the green and Tiger hit his shot against the rough of the green. Tiger hit the most unrealistic shot in golf and got a two shot lead. Tiger bogies the last two holes and lands in a playoff with DiMarco. Tiger won the playoff.
Personal: I had to huge major test the next day because my high school worked on a trimester schedule and I was leaving for France that Tuesday with the school. Needless to say I shouldn't have been watching TV. Well, I did. I don't regret it since I got 93 on both of my test.

2. David Cones PerfectGame 1999
What Happened: Yogi Berra Day the Stadium. Yogi apologizes to George, George welcomes Yogi to  become a Yankee again. Or something like this. Don Larsen threw the ceremonial pitch a la the only Perfect Game in the 1956 World Series. David Cone gets the ball and throws 88 pitches with a 30 minute rain delay and pitches a Perfect Game.
Personal: I was there. That is all. 

1. 1998 New York Yankees Season
Side Note: This isn't really a moment but a season but this season means a lot to me for numerous reasons and some of which most of you can't comprehend why. I had the opportunity to watch every game that season either watching it whole or up the 6th inning before 1). I fell asleep or 2). Bedtime ( I was 8 going on 9). It really means a lot to me and it will be number 1 forever.
What Happened: The Yankees were best team ever. 125 wins in regular season and post season combined.

(Couldn't find a good enough video for number 1 which is shame on the InterWeb)

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