Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Hate Index- How much you should hate the rest of Hockey East

I get bored in the real world pretty easily now so I am going to keep writing blog posts just to entertain myself. This post is going to focus on which teams I hate most in the conference and why. This may differ for other BU fans and probably will even with my fellow bloggers but that's why we have the comment function. However, my guess is that all BU fans will agree on who is going to lead the pack on my hatredmeter...

9th most hated team(or least hated team in the conference)- UMass- This was a fairly easy decision for me. Their fans may flip me off and yell at me when I'm in Mullins but I fully expect that and respect that from opposing fans. Former coach Toot Cahoon was a BU guy who coached and played for the Terriers. Also former Terrier captain Joe Pereira's younger brother Mike plays for the Minutemen. Combine this with the fact that they have played BC in the HE QF each of the last 3 years and I have been pulling for this program more than any other in Hockey East therefore they get least hated. Please don't mistake this for me being a fan of their program. It just means someone has to come in 2nd to BU in the conference this year and if I had to pick, it would be UMass.

8th- PC- PC comes in next on my list simply because they have struggled so hard to get fan support and compete in past years and I wouldn't mind them getting better especially if Gillies goes on to be a stud while Rawlings continues to be inconsistent at NU(Gillies decomitted from NU and comitted to PC when Rawlings returned for his senior season). Their fans, when they show up, are obnoxious, drunk lax bros but they rarely show up so it wasn't quite enough to move them up the list. BU has had their way with PC in recent years as well making them a good fit for the 8 spot.

7th- UVM- You have to feel for the Catamounts and their fans after their season last year. They lose 25+ games and finish last in HE and then they follow that this off-season by losing their star recruit to the NHL while watching two other mainstays from last years team go pro. Then, to top it all off, they lose 3 members of the coaching staff as John Micheletto takes over the coaching staff at UMass late this off season leaving UVM coach Kevin Sneddon in a bind. I made my first trip up to Burlington last season and the fans are comical in their rituals during games and how they treat opposing fans. That lands them low on the hatredmater for now.

6th- Lowell- Lowell was always a scrappy team in past years but made the jump this past year to become relevant and seem prepared to do so again this coming season. The Tsongas Center never is that rowdy towards opposing fans as their fans often sit throughout the games. They are big fans of making the "Beat BU" shirts which is always a nice shirt.

5th- Maine- I feel like Maine is going to shoot up the list once I make the trip to Alfond this coming year as I have heard some interesting stories about Maine fans in Orono. The older fans that make their way down to Agganis in their houses. They do all the chants which is respectable for old people. With their lack of success lately, they come in the middle of the pack for hatred.

4th- Merrihack- MC was probably number 2 on my list for a solid amount of time in late 2010, early 2011 as them and BU had some physical match ups with MC's goon Kyle Bigos throwing plenty of high elbows. They have moved back to the rest of the pack since but they could easily move up with a few Bigos cheap shots this coming season.

3rd- UNH- The University of No Hardware was middle of the pack for me until we met our good friend Stevie Moses who recently graduated from up there in Durham. Right before the HE QF series, I decided to taunt Moses on twitter which we had been doing all season and rarely got responses. Stevie not only responded, he gave us a gem. The conversation went as follows  Me: "Too bad your season will be over by 630 saturday #suckstosuck #playoffs ? " Stevie Moses " u run a blog and have less under 300 followers. your waisting your time #fuckingdorkwannabe".  So basically this one former player shoots UNH up the list along with the fact that their coach, Dick Umile, complains and whines in his postgame pressers more than any other coach in the conference and maybe the country.

Update- Their fans sucks beyond belief and like to start fights when you kick their ass in their building. Their university police also frown upon drinking in Dunkin Donuts before the game. Such bullshit

2nd- NU- It is really hard to hate a team that is so consistently bad and underperforming such as Northeastern. They are like the little brother in Boston hockey schools that can come close to knocking off a big brother but can never quite the job done. Their fans get up for BU games because we are their "rival". The fans typically throw trash on the ice and at BU fans at the rink while hating BU more than any other school. Now the only reason I have them at 2 is because their captain this coming year is former Terrier Vinny Saponari. The guy who got himself kicked off the BU team in 2010 and still won't shake hands with coach Parker is their captain so therefore they get to jump up to #2 for this year. He also led the celebration against BU last season after they had been eliminated from the playoffs and BU had all but locked up a NCAA berth and the #3 seed in the conference.The always classy Huskies were flipping off fans among other classy gestures.  Once Saponari graduates, they fall back to 4 or 5 behind UNH, Maine and maybe others as well. It is tough to hate a team too much that misses the conference playoffs 2 out of  3 years. Keep partying like a puck star Vinny.

1st- BC- This was the no brainer of the rankings BC is my favorite and easiest school to hate. The whole school thinks that they will one day become president or CEO when in reality, they are more likely to be working at Eagles Deli with their English degrees. The hockey team is full of divers like Steve Whitney and John Gaudreau who will flop at the slightest contact to draw a call and take the physical aspect out of the game. York is a good coach but he wears sweater vests which nobody can respect. The fans only show up for big games that are televised and rarely make it to the Beanpot on time if at all. You won't see them at away games and they will bail on home games as soon as the outcome does not seem to be in their favor. There really is nothing to like about this school, program, players and that is why they get number one on the hatredmeter. I could go on and on but I feel like I would just be stating the obvious. BC sucks. BU is awesome. That is all. Last Year's Ranking: 1


  1. I looked at the post and knew who the top 5 were automatically. hahhaha

    1. Nice summary. I would add one minor detail...quackquack did not spell "waisting" wrong. Good ol Stevie Moses actually spelled it that way...

      You mentioned that he actually graduated?

    2. Graduation is probably a loose term at UNH

  2. BC kids would trade all their hockey titles for an Final-Four bid or an BCS Bowl in a heartbeat