Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trivino News and His Future as a NY Islander

So if you haven't heard Trivino made a guilty plea today in court if you want the whole story head here or there. I decided to cover his future move into the NHL or AHL or maybe another league since he used to play for BU and his draft rights are with my favorite NHL team, NY Islanders. Trivino was drafted by the New York Islanders a few years ago (2008) as center or forward. He was drafted by the Islanders when they were in rebuilding mode and still are in rebuilding mode. Since his draft, the Islanders drafted better players in that position for Bridgeport(AHL) and have better players that have moved into the center position in NHL from the AHL.

The top 4 lines for the Islanders are taken at center. John Tavares, Frans Nielsen, Ryan Strome, and Josh Bailey have laid claim to center in each line. Maybe Josh Bailey is traded (some rumors) or is moved to AHL since he is very streaky player. If Bailey is sent down most likely David Ullstrom takes over the 4th line. In the AHL, he could start no problem. Probably the 3rd or 4th line, which in my opinion is where he should be in career. Depending on possible trades, Trivino could move to the 1st or 2nd line in the AHL (rumor has it Islanders are still thinking about Bobby Ryan but would give up most of their talent in the center position). If Trivino could move his position from C to the RW, since the LW is taken on all levels. The RW has an opening on the 4th line in the NHL and maybe the quickest way to see him make it to the NHL but personally I think he doesn't have enough speed to play in the NHL or rather keep that speed constant throughout a game. So if he stays with the Islanders, I could not see him in the NHL unless he changes position and become an AHL lifer.

Chance on Staying with Islanders: 45%

If the Islanders decide to trade him (his draft rights are still owned by the Islanders but he hasn't signed a contract), it depends on which team wants him. For instance, Trivino could be traded to a team that doesn't have the depth the Islanders have in his natural position. The only problem with that is does another NHL team want "tainted" goods. We'll probably won't see him part of a blockbuster trade to get someone important (ex. Bobby Ryan) but for move up in a draft position or 1 for 1 prospect trade. 

Chance of Getting Traded from Islanders: 35%

I think if Trivino wises up and continues his rehab according to court order, he'll continue to play hockey but there are other options as well. He could move into another lower league and gain more experience and maybe get back in the NHL in latter part of his career. OR Trivino could mess up and end up where he was a few months ago... in jail. 

Chance on Moving into an Another League: 19%
Chance on Going Back to Jail: 1%

UPDATE- According to numerous reports, it is unclear if Trivino will remain property of the Islanders after August 15th since he did not graduate from college. The Islanders reportedly will not offer him an invite to training camp or a contract at this time. Here are some links to some stories and other articles.

Obviously of none of us in the BSRS crew  want to see him  in jail and hopefully he continues to grow as a person on and off the ice and maybe he makes a larger contribution to society instead of...

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