Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hockey East Pick EM Week 3

We all made picks last week. Some probably wish they hadn't made picks...I'm looking at you Raymundo. Here are the standings through 2 weekends of hockey and our picks for this coming weekend.

GW (6-2) .750
QQ (8-3) .727
MWW (5-3) .625
FM  (6-5)  .545
Hatrick Swayze (3-5) .375
Raymundo (2-6) .250

Week 3
Friday 10/19

BC @ UMass
QQ- BC 3-2. Close game as I am sure that Mullins will be rocking. I'll be pulling for the minutemen but it isn't ideal to be playing BC coming off a loss.
FM - BC 4-2-BC will still be rusty but UMass doesn't have offense or goaltending to compete.  By February this probably would be a 5-1 BC win
HS- NCC 4-2 The Outhouse on the Hill rebounds from an embarrassing loss at Matthews last weekend after a very motivational prayer service by Jerry York. UMASSholes riot, predictably
Raymundo -BC 4-1
MWW- BC 3-1. BC should win this one
GW - UMass 5-0. Please don't riot, UMass.

St. Lawrence @Maine
QQ- Maine 4-2. They break through with another in the win column over an EZAC school at home.
FM- Maine 3-2 Bears finally get off the schneid
HS- STL 3-2STL looked shaky splitting a series against #12 W.Mich last week, bailed out by tender Matt Weninger who combined for 69 saves on 75 shots. Assuming he keeps his cool, expect them to top the incestuous Bears on the road.
Raymundo- SLU 2-1
MWW Maine 4-0. Maine is playing at home and I expect a win against a crappy St. Lawrence team.
GW - Maine 3-1. I've got Sullivan as my tendy in Fantasy College Hockey, let's go guy.

PC @ Miami(OH)
QQ- PC 3-1. I think PC wins one out there this weekend and their best chance to catch Miami a little off guard Friday night.
FM- Miami 4-2. Redhawks are too good for the young Friars
HS- PC 3-1. PC's first two periods last weekend against BU looked pretty good. Despite his loss, Gillies' only goals allowed occurred with lots of traffic in front of the net. If the Friars take the body and force the Redhawks to shoot from the outside they'll take this one
Raymundo- PC 3-1
MWW- Miami 2-0. The accession of the Friars stop this weekend in Ohio.
GW - PC 5-4. I'll be honest, I'm just gonna keep picking HE teams in OOC games.

Lowell @ Denver
QQ- Denver 4-2. Denver has a talented team this year and I just don't see them losing at home to Lowell, who is coming off a weak tie to UVM.
FM- Denver 3-1. Lowell may find rebound win tough at Magness
HS- Denver 4-2. Tying Vermont 1-1 was a joke last week. Tough to say how the Riverhawks will respond. Denver also tied BC in their exhibition (no, not NCC) and this will be their first real test of the season. But if I tied the Catmounters and then had to go back to Lowell for a week, I'd be too fucking depressed to put up a solid effort against Denver
Raymundo- Denver 4-0
MWW- Denver 3-1. Denver wins based on the fact that Lowell doesn't even know where Denver is.

Merrimack @Alaska
QQ- Alaska 4-3(OT). I will never pick against Alaska given the opportunity. This intro video is just too much to overcome. Your Alaska Nanooks!

FM- Merrimack 4-3. Bounceback game for seesawing Warriors.
HS- 4-3 Alaska Have you people SEEN the Alaska Nanooks' intro videos the last few years?! (Editor's note: see above)
Raymundo- Alaska 10-0. Because f*** Bigos.
MWW-Merrimack 4-2. " Bomb!" Merrimack wins because Alaska can't stop the puck against the Warriors.
GW - Merrimack 5-3.  This one's for you, Sheener

Saturday 10/20

QQ- BU 4-3. BU wins an early season matchup as Sean Maguire plays a stellar game in collegiate debut.
FM- BU 6-5. Two offensively minded teams with questionable blue lines. Smells like a shootout.
HS- BU 4-3 Very excited for this one, of course. First road test for the new kids, including goalie Sean Maguire's first start, comes against a UNH team that has a little more confidence and swagger than usual after a solid sweep of St. Cloud at home last week. Lots of ice to play on up there (expect great games from Matt Nieto and the speedy Cason Hohmann). UNH isn't a pushover, but Jackie Parker and the Terriers will come out on top
Raymundo- BU 5-2. Keene Staters(aka Raymundo and friends) hate UNH, so GO BU
MWW- BU 3-2. Seriously, I am not going to pick against BU all year.
GW - BU 4-2 Hey Hattrick, nice novella.

QQ - BC 3-1. BC won't lose to NU twice in a row to start the year. I expect another close game though.
FM- BC 3-2. Rawlings keeps the Huskies in the game as BC struggles to get on track
HS- NCC 3-1Northeastern seems legit this year, but not legit enough to upset the Eaglets twice in a row. 
Raymundo- NU 2-1. Sucks to suck Jerry, you grey-haired f***(Editor's note: I cleaned it up. I like the fire though)
MWW 0-0 tie. NU beat BC last week at Matthews but I am still going with the tie.
GW - NU 6-5. I mean really, how can you pick BC ever.

St. Lawrence @ Maine
QQ- Maine 4-3. This young team gets back on track with a weekend sweep of St. Lawrence despite all the injuries.
FM - SLU 3-2. Saints proved they are a good team at WMU last weekend, salvage a tough and hard-fought split at Alfond.
HS-STL 2-1 Although they are called the "St. Lawrence Saints" (really? c'mon), I see the Bears getting swept at home. As a result, moonshine production in the forests of Maine will double.
Raymundo - Maine 2-0.
MWW- Maine 4-3. Sweep
GW - Maine 4-2. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ya sieve.

PC @ Miami
QQ- Miami 4-1. Miami rebounds to salvage a split with PC
FM- Miami 5-1. Friars tire out after two games in Ohio
HS- PC 2-0Friar Tuck clips the Hawks wings for the second time in a row, while Gillies stands on his head
Raymundo- Miami 3-1. Sorry Friars, Jankowski can only do so much.
MWW-  Miami 2-1. Sweep
GW - PC 4-2. Hockey East, move along.

Merrimack vs Alaska Anchorage
 QQ- Merrimack 5-0. Alaska Anchorage sucks because they are Alaska's rival and Alaska(Fairbanks) is awesome. Also Alaska Anchorage acronym is AA and that's just not a recipe for success. Also, their mascot are the Seawolves. That can't be a real thing.
FM- Merrimack 3-1. Inept UAA keep Warriors on the right track.
HS- 4-2 MerrimackFull disclosure, I had to look up the difference between Alaska and Alaska-Anchorage (Alaska is also Alaska-Fairbanks for the uninitiated). AA tied Air Force last week, which doesn't exactly strike fear into anyone's hearts
Raymundo- AA 2-0. Because Brandon Dubinsky is a stud and it's his hometown so yeah...
MWW- Merrimack 3-1. AA gets the loss based off the fact that they haven't played yet this year.
GW - Merrimack 3-0. The only good thing from Alaska is Sarah Palin.

Lowell @ Colorado College
QQ- Lowell 4-2. Lowell finally gets in the win column against a CC team ravaged by graduation and early departures.
FM- Lowell 3-1. The Whatsariverhawks should, and need to, reverse slide against an unusually mediocre CC team.
HS- 3-1 LOL. They're worse than they think, but they'll pull this one out. 
Raymundo- CC 3-1. Because I'm stuck in colder weather. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
MWW- Lowell 4-3. CC is going to be able to score a lot of goals but they will give up one more.
GW - Lowell 7-5. Hey Ray, way to go soft on us (phrasing).

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