Friday, November 9, 2012

Hockey East Pick'Em Week 6

To the shock of no one, I had another solid weeknin pick'em as I continue to roll. I am proud to say I am the only person to correctly pick the UMass win over UNH. Your welcome UMass fans. Below are the updated standings and picks for this week. Enjoy. GW is picking like he is Tim Whitehead and therefore is a distant 12.5 GB. Thankfully there are plenty left to be played.

QQ 28-14(.667) Last 7-3
FM 25-17 (.595) Last 5-5
HS  23-16 (.590) Last 5-5
MWW 22-17 (.564)  Last 7-3
Ray 21-18 (.538) Last 5-5
GW 14-25 (.359) Last 3-7

Week 6

Friday 11/9

Maine @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 4-2- Lowell needs this win badly and Maine just sucks. I won't pick them until they prove they can
FM- Lowell 5-0- Doug Carr is not the goalie a struggling offense wants to face
MWW- Lowell 3-1- Maine still sucks and won't touch a point at all this weekend.
GW - Lowell 3-1- Maine blows.
Ray- Lowell
HS - LOL 4-2. Maine still sucks

PC @ UMass

QQ- UMass 3-2-. Easily the toughest game to call of the week. I'm taking the home team.
FM- UMass 3-2 - UMass team has played BU, BC and UNH tough at home, they will prevail against Providence
MWW-PC 3-2- Providence should play well enough for the away win
Ray- PC
HS - PC 3-2. UMass is decent and so far has had a litany of legit opponents of their schedule but PC pulls it out.

***Warning BC-BU picks after the jump. Politically incorrect comments to follow

BU @ Merrimack

QQ- BU 4-2- Merrimack is coming off a big sweep of NU and are always tough at home but I don't see BU overlooking them before BC.
FM- BU 4-3- BU might get caught looking ahead but they should win this game
MWW-BU 4-1- BU dominates and wins
GW - BU 3-0- It's OC time.
Ray- BU 48-0
HS - BU 5-2. Something about cows and shit. Inside jokes will ruin the trip for me probably.

Notre Dame @ BC
QQ- ND 5-3. Remember the Notre Dame/BC game last year? I do and it was hilarious to watch Milner choke away the game in OT. This one doesn't get to OT as ND sweeps the weekend(in football and hockey) and BC fans weep for days.

FM- ND 3-1Eagles have looked shaky at times this year, and Irish are the best team they've yet played
MWW- ND 4-3- Notre Dame blows, BC Sucks. UND wins on the ice and the field 28-17
GW - ND 1-0- I fucking hate Notre Dame and BC. Fuck you for making me pick.
Ray- ND
HS - ND 4-3 Go Irish. BC can learn something about how to run a Sunday school.

  Sat 11/10
Maine @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 2-0- Defensive Lowell is not a good matchup for Maine's anemic offense. Lowell gets all four prostitutes..uhh I mean points
FM- Lowell 7-2- Second verse, same as the first
MWW- Lowell 3-1-SWEEP for Lowell
GW - 2-1 Lowell- Get yer brooms out...
Ray- Lowell
HS -  3-2 LOL (OT) Maine STILL sucks. Sweep.


QQ-UNH 4-2- At home, UNH will be way too much for UVM, who is still improving.
FM- UNH 3-1UNH has been great at home this year, expect it to continue
MWW- UNH 3-1- UNH one of the better teams in the first half of the season.
GW - 2-1 UVM- It's the battle of who can care less.
Ray- UNH
HS - UNH 4-1. The Rumble of the Rural Rednecks.

Alabama - Huntsville @ NU

QQ- NU 3-1- NU keeps up their stellar track record of scheduling tough out of conference games...
FM- NU 5-1- Tough roadie for everyone's favorite underdog
MWW- NU 2-1-Seriously why the fuck is this game in the picks.
GW - UAH 3-1. Eh fuck it.
Ray- UAH
HS - 3-1 NU. They're from Alabama. Truffle shuffle comes out on top as the Chargers are still mourning Romney's loss.

UConn @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 4-3- The Warriors won't lose 2 at home in the same weekend.
FM- Merrimack 5-1Warriors looked great in sweeping Northeastern last weekend, and UConn has been underwhelming this year
MWW- U-C-O-N-N 3-2- UCONN takes 1 small step forward to prepare for Hockey East play in a few years.
GW - Merrimack 2-0-UConn sucks.
Ray- Merrihack
HS - 3-2 Hack. Sorry FM, I don't see Mack getting swept this weekend.

Sunday 11/11


QQ- BU 5-0- OC/Maguire is going to be a stud in goal and the young Terriers are going to be flying. Night Night lil Milzy.
FM- BU 5-3 -terriers are always amped up for this game, this round should be no different
MWW- BU WINS ∞ (infinity for you non math people out there)  -  0. BC SUCKS, BC BLOWS, JERRY YORK WEARS GAY SWEATER VEST(Editor's note: Not that there is anything wrong with that), MILNER TAKES IT UP THE A** FROM A PRIEST AND DRIVES INTO A T DRUNK(Editor's note: I am not responsible for what my fellow bloggers say, believe, or how much they drink before submitting their picks).
GW - Sweet Jesus. BU 1,000-0
Ray- BU 74-0
HS - BU 4-3. THE MAIN EVENT, FUCKERS! Biggest game of the year thus far and the biggest test for our freshm-BLAH BLAH BLAH Jerry York is a horse's ass. He's the meanest! Sucks the biggest penis! Jerry York is a horse's ass! I'm making it my ringtone on the way home from North Andover.


QQ- NU 3-1-Don't see the Huskies losing at home to UAH but then again, that would be hilarious.
FM- NU 6-1- If Rawlings starts, I think UAH could win this one
MWW- NU 2-1- AGAIN WTF. THIS series sucks.
GW - UAH 3-2- Huntsville. So hot right now. Huntsville.
Ray- NU
HS - 4-2 NU. Huskies again demolishing the Chargers, who might actually be worse than Maine.

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  1. I don't drink before I make my picks. I usually make my picks at 11AM. Not even time for a Irish Coffee.