Sunday, November 11, 2012

NFL Pick 'Em Week 10

Here is the latest NFL Pick 'Em. I went 3-2 last week but I predicted the Jets and Pats were on a bye so I actually went 5-2. So all the usual teams (Pats, NYJ, NYG) are in play this week. Time to aim for perfection.

NYJ vs Seahawks: Seahawks have the best home field advantage in the NFL. That place sells out and goes crazy. Also Seattle has an excellent defense. Jets can't move the ball. Lynch has the most yards after the first hit & Jets give up the one of the most yards after initial contact. Seattle by a 2 TDs.

NYG vs Bengals: Bengals are having a mediocre season/ they just lost 4 in a row ( 1 of those to the Browns). They started off strong so this leads me to believe they are going to give the Giants some troubles. Giants offense has clicked in the last few games. Forsee a close game throughout with Giant victory.

Lions vs Vikings: both teams need this game to stay within reach of GB and Chicago. Tough contest. Lions shouldnt have to worry about passing game that much since Harvin is hurt. 8 men in the box stop AP, pull off the victory.

Bills vs Pats: Bills arent playing where most people predicted them to be. Very average season and just inconsistent. Pats are hitting their form and slowly breaking away from rest of the division. Like the Pats by 2 TDs.

Falcons vs Saints: Saints have been playing better of late and the Falcons are perfectish. Saints win so  I can see Matt Ryan cry that BC lost in the pros., on ice and on the field.

Cowboys vs Eagles: big game. Both teams have a lot of question marks ( funny how they all have question marks now and didnt have any to speak in the offseason and predicted to go 1-2 in the division). Like the Eagles cause this is Vicks last chance and the last chance for his o-line meaning they should step it up big time.

Texans vs Bears: best teams in their respective conferences ( I think Falcons are overrated and the Bears are underrated). Blood bath? No. Intense game with many turnovers? Yes. Both of these teams have ball sharks. Expect a few INTs and fumbles. whichever team puts 28 on the board first wins. Chicago should first. Taking Da Bears.

PS- seriously watch the 1PM games, watch Battle of Comm Ave at 4, watch BU vs BC on NESN. If you dont have NESN go to a bar and ask them to put it on.

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