Saturday, November 10, 2012

BC sucks- The 10 Biggest Reasons BC Sucks

If you wish to reference my post from last year, feel free to do so.

1. Jerry York sucks - I don't care what record he is going for. It shouldn't even count when you don't coach in Hockey East the whole time. The rest of the conferences suck and are way too easy to win in. Christ, I would be going for the record if you put me in the CCHA for a few years too.

2. Boston College isn't in Boston. Also not a College - It is really so ironic. They want to be in Boston, but they're not. They want to be a college, but they're not. Newton University just doesn't have the same ring to it though. One NU is enough I guess.

3. BC Arrogance- You would think a school that is inferior to both of its rivals in Notre Dame and BU would be more humble. This is the opposite of the case as every BC student thinks they are awesome but in reality they just suck big time.

4. They dive- Gaudreau and Whitney are the two biggest divers in the league as they need to dive because they are too small to actually win any puck battles. York teaches it to draw calls as a surprise to no one.

5. Parker Milner goes political - On election day, our favorite sieve Parker Milner made his political opinions well know on twitter. He wrote one tweet that simply said "Romney Romney Romney". How did that work out for you Milzy?

6. BC fans = pinkhats - BC might have the worst fans in Hockey East. Considering their recent on ice success, their attendance and student support is pitiful. They only show up for the Beanpot (always late) and big time home games. Then they pat themselves on the back for selling out when they host Notre Dame.

7. They take up a valuable place in the Beanpot- They aren't in Boston so why are they in the Beanpot? We should just invite Penn State while we're at it. (GW - hey dipshit Harvard isn't in Boston either)

8. Johnny Gaudreau looks like he is 12- Seriously this kid looks 12 and that is being generous. There has to be some age restrictions on the Hobey Baker(which he won't win anyway- he isn't even the best player on his own team). I think you have to look atleast 15 to win the Hobey ,right?

9.  They have team mass before every game - This is beyond stupid. Let's force praying upon the whole team because that what the coach believes in. If players want to pray, that's cool. Just don't force upon them. What if a kid is an athiest? Valid question and no god damn answers!
10. Conte Forum sucks- This place really just blows big time. It is an ice rink with basketball sight lines. Maybe they should have built it for hockey since basketball sucks anyway.

Parker- York Video - This is a fake conversation and does not reflect the opinions of either coach or the universities they work for. Please don't Sioux sue me.

by: QQ2009

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