Sunday, November 25, 2012

NFL Pick 'Em Week 12

After going 2-1 during midweek, I will try to improve on that and have a even better winning percentage for this week. As always aim for perfection.

Vikings vs Bears: Cutler, as of right now, isn't suppose to play. Bears won't know how to score now. Expect the Vikings to turn on the pressure early and not stopping until the game is over. 28-12 Vikings

Falcons vs Bucs: Bucs are my surprise team for this year. When Greg Schiano was hired most football analyst said by the end of the year he is gone. He has 6 wins now and keeping his team in the hunt for a wild card spot. Taking the Bucs cause I hate Matt Ryan. 35-28 Bucs

49ers vs Saints: a rematch from the playoffs last year. Maybe the best game in the playoffs last year if not for the Super Bowl. Saints have won 3 straight. 49ers are starting a 2nd string QB. Yes, Colin Rand Kaepernick played well last week but this game is different. Forget the Saints record, they are still in the elite plateau of the NFC teams. 38-24 Saints

Packers vs Giants: It seems like the NFL wants this to be the Brady vs Manning in the NFC. I can't disagree. Rogers is the best QB for the last 2 years and Manning just knows how to win big games. I know most readers will hate this comparison but Eli reminds me of a young Brady (reliant on his defense and run game instead of his arm but knows how to lead a drive to win a big game) and Rogers reminds me of Peyton (both dominate and at their peaks). 24-20 Giants.

So I would normally add on a few more games here and there but besides these games, this week in the NFL is horrible. So to continue on something I gave up on I will pass along two videos. One will be soldier returning home to his dog video and the second will be about the a over used line in movies. 



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