Friday, November 23, 2012

Weelly Pick Em Week 8

I am still holding onto my 2 game lead over FM with MWW making a strong push the last couple of weeks. HS is collapsing like a house of cards while Raymundo has decided that his .510 winning percentage is strong enough so that he doesn't need to make picks anymore.GW's winning percentage improved with his 4-6 record last week. That sums up his season pretty well.

QQ 39-23 ( .629) Last 5-5
FM 37-25 (.597)  Last 6-4
MWW 33-26(.559) Last 5-5
Ray-  25-24(.510) Last 0-0
HS 30-29 (.508) Last 2-8
GW 21-38 (.356) Last 4-6

Week 8

Friday 11/23

Colgate @ Merrimack

QQ-Merrimack 1-0- ECAC @ Lawler? The toothpaste loses
FM- Merrimack 3-2
MWW- Merrimack 3-2- equal about right but rather see Hockey East win a game
HS- Merrimack 3-2- The two mediocre non-conference opponents do battle this Frid-ZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZ WHO CARES??

St. Lawrence @ NU

QQ- SLU 3-1- NU is going the wrong way right now and SLU is good enough to beat them, even at Matthews
FM- SLU 4-1
MWW- SLU 3-1- NU sucks
HS- NU 3-2-(see above)

Minnesota @ UVM

QQ- M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA 6-1-if they can't beat UVM, then they aren't going to do anything special this season despite their 7-2-2 record
FM- Minnesota 5-1
MWW- Minni 6-1- UVM with the upse........hahahaha
HS - Minnesota 4-2- Sucks to be a Catamount.

UNH @ Colorado College

QQ- UNH 2-0- CC just got swept by Denver and now they get UNH. Not an easy three game stretch for the Tigers-
FM- UNH 4-2
MWW- UNH 5-4- UNH continues to play well
HS- UNH 5-2- UNH is on fire, and CC just got swept by Denver allowing 12 goals in 2 games.

Saturday 11/24

Dartmouth @ BC

QQ- Dartmouth 3-2- I hate the EZAC but I hate BC more. Happy Thanksgiving York you fruitcup
FM- BC 2-1
MWW- BC 2-1- BC wins a thriller
HS-Big Green 4-3- Dartmouth has been moving up lately with good play and sits right behind BU at the #11 spot. On Saturday night, we are all Big Green (seriously?) fans.


Princeton @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 4-3- Starting to play better and they cannot lose to a middle of the road ECAC team at home. Can't happen. Won't happen...Well it might actually happen, but I'm not predicting it.
FM- Princeton 2-1
MWW- Princeton 4-2- maybe Lowell finds out how to play hockey again, doubt it. PU with the upset
HS-LOL 4-2- Those fahkin queahs from Joysey think they can come intah LOWUHL, intah AH HOUSE and push us around?! In da hometown a' Dickie Fahkin Eklund?! Those Ivy League fairies act awl fahkin supeeriah cause they go to a real cawlidge. Nawt in AH HOUSE BooBoo!


PC @ Brown

QQ- PC 3-1- Brown is the bottom of the barrell in the ECAC which makes this a must win for PC. They have to keep the Mayor's Cup in the coffin! #becauseitsthecup
FM- PC 4-1
MWW-PC 4-3- Battle of Providence(?)
HS- PC 10-1- I picked against the Friars last week. God was unhappy and smited me with my present illness. 10 Hail Marys and 10 goals from PC to banish the plague upon me.

QU @ UMass

QQ- QU 3-1- Quinnipiac is the real deal. I think they beat UMass at home.
FM- QU 3-1
MWW- UMass 3-1 -Mass plays very well and gets the W
HS - UMass 3-1- Minutemen repping the Hockey East at home.

St. Lawrence @ BU

QQ- BU 66-0- OC gets his first shutout and BU finds plenty of scoring. Kurker is going to get his first goal. Nieto is going to have a multi-point night. There are going to be BU board jumps all over the place after some greasy goals.
FM-BU 4-1
MWW- BU 8-0-
HS- BU 5-2-- Good bounce-back game for the boys after a tough UNH loss on Sunday. Look for more big games out of guys like Grizz and, I think, Kurker (who is a net-crashing machine lately). Also let's say Nieto breaks his slump with a hatty because reasons.

Minnesota @ UVM

QQ- tie 3-3- UVM tied Minnesota in the second game of their series last Minnesota..on a 6 win team. Go Cats go! Gopherk yourself!
FM- Minnesota 6-0
MWW- Minni 7-1- Minni scores a TD
HS- 5-2 Minnesota -Still sucks to be a Catamount. SWEEP

UNH @ Denver

QQ- UNH 4-2- UNH is playing too well right now to lose. Even in Magness.
FM- Denver 3-2
MWW -Denver 3-1- 0% UNH pulls the Denver Double and beat CC and Denver in the same weekend.
HS-UNH 4-3-Easily the most interesting game of the week. Denver is 9-1 and with the CC sweep this weekend, seemingly just as hot at UNH. Although with a slightly less challenging schedule so far. Something's gotta give here, I can't see these two playing to a tie. Let's keep our Hockey East allegiances for the sake of the pairwise and take UNH over Denver by the score of 4-3

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