Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 11 NFL Pick 'Em

Let's get straight to it. Always aim for perfection.

Green Bay vs Lions: Lions need this game. Lions are looking for the Wild Card spot. Lions by a late TD scored by Megatron.

NYJ vs Rams: Jets suck. Pretty depressed about this team. Rams and Brian Scotty wins by a few TDs.

San Diego vs Denver: Rivers & Co. need this game to stay in the AFC West but Peyton is playing exceptional. Peyton has struggled against SD in the past but Denver has a defense to back him up now. Denver and their pot smoking ways win by 2 TDs.

Indy vs Pats: Luck vs Brady! Yes, I think Luck is the next coming of the QB for all time QBs. This will be a gunslinger match up. I want this game to be entertaining. Maybe 38-31 Pats.

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh: put the check mark next to the Ravens especially with Ben (There Raped That) hurt.

Chicago vs SF: Whichever defense scores more points will win this game. SF with the win in a close match up.

In other news, look for a special Turkey Day Pick Em because turkey and football just are awesome together and OH yeah Pats vs Jets.

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