Friday, November 16, 2012

Hockey East Pick Em Week 7

Another week of Pick'EM at BSRS and more of the same for everyone. This is a good thing for FM, HS, MWW and myself but not so much for GW who continues to make the dumbest picks I have ever seen. UAH twice over NU? I guess he thinks 20 hour bus ride pre-game is the recipe for success. Anyway, here are the standings as of this week.

QQ 34-18 (.654) Last 6-4
FM  31-21 (.596) Last 6-4
HS  28-21 (.571) Last 5-5
MWW 28-21(.571) Last 6-4
Ray   25-24 (.510) Last 4-6
GW  17-32 (.310) Last 3-7

Week 7

Friday 11/16

Merrimack @ BC

QQ- Merrimack 3-2 - Screw BC. Everyone is crowning their asses already. I'm about to go Denny Green on all of you.
FM- BC 4-1- Bad times beginning up in Andover
MWW- Merrihack 4-3. BC played pretty well last week but considering most of the goals were fluke goals in my honest opinion, I am predicting Merrihack to pull the upset with a Bigos winner
GW - Merrimack 4-1. Seriously I fucking hate BC 


QQ- PC 4-3. I'm just taking the home team because both have been struggling in the conference as of late.
FM- PC 2-1- Friars still looking better than NU, even after UMass loss
HS- 3-1 NU -This one looks like a pretty even match up to me. I think Mountain steals the game for NU though
MWW- 3-2 PC - screw Sap, PC winner chicken dinner

UMass @ Maine

QQ- Maine 3-2. Alfond is still a tough place to play and I think Maine figured out some stuff this weekend in Lowell. The fight for 4th in HE remains a mystery
FM- UMass 4-3- Minutemen looking good still, even if Maine is beginning to right the ship
HS- UMass 4-1 - Fight Mass will enjoy watching this one
MWW -UMass 4-2- still think Maine sucks. UMass wins
GW - 3-0 Zoomass. Maine blows.

  BU @ UVM

QQ- BU 4-1- Maguire gets his first career win and BU continues to take care of lesser HE opponents. Down goes the hippies
FM - BU 5-0- Shutout Mags.
HS- BU 4-1- Nice first win to help Maguire settle into his career
MWW - BU 4-3- pretty sure the Barn will smell like a hot box and UVM takes the early lead just to let it slip in the 3rd to BU
GW - 3-1 BU. Easy ponies.

UNH @ Lowell

QQ- UNH 5-2 - UNH is too good to lose at Lowell, who is reeling right now after all the pre-season hype.
FM- UNH 3-0- Wildcats are starting to roll.
HS- UNH 3-1- Lowell is outmatched here but DeSmith won't bring his shutout streak to 3 games
MWW- UNH 4-2- I think UNH is the 2nd best team in HE behind BU; UNH wins by a few
GW - 5-2 UNH. I'll jump on the bandwagon.

Sunday 11/18


QQ- BU 4-3- BU gets this important early season game to stay with BC and UNH in the conference standings.
FM- BU 3-1- OC stands on his head and BU gets the win because they need it more
HS -BU 3-2- Biggest game of the year so far besides BC. Huge test to see whether BU belongs among the top 5 or so teams or only in the top 15. OC stands tall as usual, BU comes back with a chip on its shoulder and hands DeSmith a much-needed loss
MWW- BU 3-2- BU redeems itself and tie up the season series 1-1
GW - BU 10000-1.

Lowell @ UMass

QQ- UMass 3-1- I think Lowell continues to struggle while UMass continues it solid streak of play at home
FM- UMass 4-3- Amherst is definitely the better UMass this year
HS-UMass 3-1- Lowell split with Maine last weekend. Seriously. Maine
MWW- Lowell 2-1 -Battle of Mass(?); Lowell wins a close,  boring contest
GW - 2-0 Zoomass


QQ-UVM 1-0-  I honestly don't know who to pick here. I'm flipping a coin. Heads for UVM, tails for NU. It's a head. The highlanders win!
FM- UVM 2-1-only scoring 3 on UAH at home isn't a good look
HS- NU 4-2- Vermont isn't quite there yet. No points for them this weekend.
MWW- 2-2 tie
GW - 2-1 NU. Rocky Mountain High

Tuesday 11/20

UVM @ UMass

QQ- UMass 3-2- Both teams have a tough stretch of 3 games in 5 days , which gives the clear advantage to the home team in this one. UVM won this exact game last year because they were at home and they sucked last year.
FM- UMass 3-1- Minutemen closing on PC as best non-big 3 team in HEA
HS- UVM 3-2- Part of me thinks anything can happen in this one. Two teams on their third game in 5 days, both probably tired, both probably sloppy come Tuesday. Toss up if you ask me. I'll throw the kittens a bone. Sorry, FightMass.
MWW-UMass 4-2-UMass have played well at home in my opinion
GW - UMass 3-0

Quinnipiac @ PC

QQ-PC 4-3 -Hockey East needs this win for the Pairwise so hopefully PC will come through
FM- PC 4-2- out of conference test that Friars need to pass going into the break
HS- PC 3-2-Fuck Quinnipiac for making me type out the name Quinnipiac. Get an acronym. It's not QU, that's fucking stupid. Obviously rooting for PC for the later pairwise implications. Viva Hockey East
MWW- PC 5-4- another stupid game picked by Sir QQ, PC wins. (Editor's note: I don't pick the games)
GW - PC 5-3

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