Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 9 NFL Pick 'Em

Here are my picks and reasons for this weeks games. For any of those people that didn't know the Pats and NYJ are off and won't be making a contribution to the picks this week. As always aim for perfection:

  • Arizona vs Green Bay: GB is getting better by the week. Zona has impressed early on in the season but haven't so much lately. I am going with the hot pick in GB.
  • Carolina vs Washington: Dear Cam, Here is a suggestion for the suggestion box. Be more like RG3 and win the games as a complete QB, ie- play like last year. Skins win a close one.
  • Steelers vs Giants: Assuming the fact this is the CBS game of the week most of the country will see this game. That means the Pat fans who adore Big Ben and ELIte. Just kidding, Pat fans will probably turn off the tv and pray for the NHL to come back. Giants win with Eli late TD.

  • Dallas vs Atlanta: Atlanta will dominate this game. Dallas looked awful last week. Romo hasn't been the QB Jerry envisioned. Atl and Ryan win by 2 TDs.
  • Philly vs New Orleans: NOLA should outplay the Eagles. In reality, both of these teams suck and are already aiming for Wild Card slots. Hate the Eagles, go Saints.

On a completely unrelated note, I ask for fellow readers and blogs to donate something to the Red Cross either money, food, clothing, blankets or if you know a specific area in any of the storm hit areas, most towns have Facebook pages where you can donate directly to the town. For example, Red Hook in Brooklyn has a page. 

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