Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Pick Em Week 9

Here are the updated standing for our weekly picks. Ray and GW are holding down the bottom of the food chain and will stay there as long as they skip making their picks. They both decided to take an early Thanksgiving Holiday last week and not make any picks. The other 4 of us all tied with the same record despite quite different predictions. Here are this week's picks.

QQ 45-28(.616) Last 6-5
FM 43-30(.589) Last 6-5
MWW 39-31 (.557) Last 6-5
HS 36-34 (.514) Last 6-5
Ray 25-24 (.510) N/A
GW 21-38 (.356) N/A

Week 9

Friday 11/30

NU @UMass
QQ-  UMass 4-3- Things aren't going well for Northeastern right now. Losing recruits left and right and they can only beat Alabama Huntsville. UMass wins at home.
FM- UMass 4-1
MWW-UMass 4-2- NU cant do anything right;
HS- UMass 4-2- Red and black, red and black, NU girls have got the *clap*!!


QQ- BU 99-0- BC sucks. York isn't getting this phony record on our watch.
FM- BU 4-3
MWW- BU 10000-0- BC Sucks. Too much to say. So little space.
HS- BU 100-0- Let's help Jerry set that all time losses record.


QQ- PC 2-1- PC has trouble scoring but so does Merrimack. Gillies wins this game for PC and Harvey lets off a couple slappers to create some scoring chances.
FM- PC 4-1
MWW- PC 3-2- Prov can play and they will show it here and win.
HS- PC 3-2- Friars are for real this year. They're only a point up on Mack in the HE standings but the difference between #5 and #4 here is bigger than that.


QQ- UNH 4-2- Lowell hasn't turned it around enough to win at UNH yet.
FM- UNH 4-0-
MWW- UNH 3-2- UNH wins cause it is the first half of the season.
HS- UNH 4-1-despite the fact that they've let up 8 goals in their last two games (it took them 5 weeks to give up that many until last weekend). UNH doesn't look immortal all of a sudden but that doesn't change the fact that they're playing LOL at home.


QQ- Maine 3-1- I think this series splits because both teams are 6-10 quality aka they both suck.
FM- UVM 2-0
MWW Maine 4-2-The best set of games this weekend without a doubt. Maine should come out with a win to open the series.
HS -Maine 3-2- I want to watch this game, play a drinking game for it, and put Yakety Sax on a loop in the background.
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Saturday 12/1 


QQ- PC 3-1- If I'm picking PC at Lawler, you gotta take them at home too.
FM- PC 4-1
HS -PC 2-0- Mack has only beaten Vermont and Northeastern so far this year. And Union (2 months ago). Sweep


QQ- UMass 3-2- If you can't beat St. Lawrence at home, then you're not going to beat UMass at home
FM- UMass 3-1-
MWW- UMass 2-0- Sap throws up on the ice(edited for the sake of our readers) and NU forfeits
HS- UMass 5-2- Huskies are awful, and their shitty blog insulted friend and fellow internet troll @FakeAgganis on Thursday. Sweep.


QQ- Lowell 4-3- UNH looked very beatable last weekend and I think Lowell takes the home game and avoids the sweep.
FM- UNH 3-2
MWW-UNH 3-0-Lowell cant buy a bucket (wrong sport).
HS- 3-1 UNH- Sweep, as the city of Lowell disappears in a pungent cloud of crack smoke and hooker musk.


QQ- UVM 3-2- It is just a known fact that UVM plays better on Saturday nights, especially the second game against the same team. Look at the facts. Fridays: 0-4-1 Saturdays/Sundays: 2-2-1. They are the anti- North Dakota
FM- UVM 4-3
MWW- UVM 5-4- again this series wont disappoint.
HS- UVM 3-2 - I think the African-American Bears start to get it together a little more, but still split with UVM this weekend.


QQ- BU 5-3- Same score as the second game at Conte from last season. York inches closer to the all-time loss record.
FM- BU 6-3
MWW- BU 1,000-0. #ThisIsOurHouse.
HS- BU 5-0- You know why
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Wed 12/05
Vermont@ Dartmouth

QQ- Dartmouth 4-3- Umm I don't know. Dartmouth because they are home.
FM- Dartmouth 4-0
MWW- Dartmouth 4-2- stupid game. taking Dart cause they are smart
HS- Dartmouth 4-2-

Thursday 12/6


QQ- BU 4-3(OT)- Another tough battle for the Terriers. Doesn't make it any easier coming off BC weekend but it is a must win up there in Durham.
FM- BU 3-1
MWW- BU 4-1- UNH smells the 2nd half of the season and Desmith opens his legs wide open.
HS - BU 4-3- We've seen them twice. We played better the second game. No more excuses. Terriers step it up once more against a now human-looking Casey DeSmith and take revenge at the Whitt.


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