Sunday, December 2, 2012

NFL Pick 'Em

Welcome back, hope ya'll had a good week. As of right the 4 divisions in the AFC can be wrapped up and 1 division in the NFC as well. So let's get at it. As always aim for perfection.
Pats vs Fins: Pats are home but the Fins have been giving the Pats fits for the last few years. On the other hand Brady wants the division wrapped up. Pats 35-28

Vikimgs vs Green Bay: Vikings will get to Rodgers like the Giants did. Expect Rodgers to be knocked down often. Also expect a win from the Vikings. 27-21.

Jets vs Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald is going to have a field day with no Revis on the field. 35-17 Cards.

Giants vs Redskins: these 2 teams had one of the better games to watch this year. I expect more. Eli again proves he is the top of the QBs in the NFC East and win 31-24

Seahawks vs Da Bears: taking the Seahawks on the road. clock management, running the ball and above average QB should out do a overrated team. 21- 17

Tampa vs Denver: high scoring game here. Always take Manning in those games. 35-28

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