Friday, December 7, 2012

The Bay State Road Sports Fuck Bucci Regulation Challenge

So we took advantage of some company's screen printing sale and got some BSRS t-shirts for cheap so we decided we are going to give one away for a little competition. Since John Buccigross hates us, we are going to have a knockoff of the Bucci overtime challenge. We are going to use regulation because BU hockey doesn't go to overtime this year (only team in Hockey East). For tomorrow's game against Maine, you must predict the correct score of the game. You also must submit which player will score the first BU goal as a tiebreaker. All entries must be submitted to our twitter account(@bsrs_blog) or emailed to us at If we have multiple winners, then we'll give away multiple shirts or find some other way to break the tie.  It close at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on Saturday night. Don't be a loser and tweet at us from 3 different accounts to help your odds. Also, we realize about 4 people are going to enter but we think the shirts are awesome and so should you. BC fans are ineligible to enter because they suck.

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