Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Pick Em

QQ 51-34(.600) 6-6
FM 51-34(.600) 8-4
MWW- 46-36 (.561) 7-5
HS 43-39(.524) 7-5
Ray 25-24 (.510) N/A
GW 21-38 (.356) N/A

Friday 12/7


QQ- PC 4-3- I don't actually think PC is going to win but I'm going with my heart and not my head here. York will break the record against Alabama Huntsville in Minnesota. That is the fitting setting for that. You also couldn't pay me enough to go to this game. It is going to be nauseating.
FM- BC 6-2
MWW- PC 4-3- The Catholics vs the Catholics. I like the Catholics from RI
HS-4-2 PC-...fuck BC. Who does God love more: Friars or Eagles? HINT: NOT JERRY YORK
GW - PC 5-1. I hate BC. Also Feliz Miguel is daaaaaaangerously close to getting kicked out of the blog if he keeps picking BC...

Colgate @ UMass

QQ- UMass 3-1- This series has split all over it. Both team are right around .500 and seem to be pretty evenly matched. They currently sit at 23 and 24 in the pairwise.
FM- UMass 2-1-
MWW- UMass 3-1-UMass play very well at home
HS - UMass 3-1- UMass take it at home but these two look kind of close on paper, so this is your toss up series for the week.
GW - UMass 4-2. Crest is Better.

Harvard @ Merrimack

QQ- Harvard 4-2-Tough game to call but I like Harvard in this one just because Jimmy Vesey can play.
FM- Harvard 4-1
MWW- Harvard 3-2- Harvard get a big win out of conference
HS-Harvard 3-2- I'm still dumbfounded how WBIN is televising this fucking game but not BU vs UNH. HOW DOES THAT WORK? Anyway, Finkle sucks and my boys ah wicked smaht.

GW - Mack 3-1. Always pick HE teams. Always.

Saturday 12/8

NU @ Lowell

QQ- Lowell 3-1- This a must win for both teams, but I am going with the home team and the better tendy. Carr>Rawlings.
FM- Lowell 2-0
MWW- Lowell 4-1- Lowell is better than Sap and his Companions
HS- Lowell 4-1- Dickie Fahkin Eklund is gawna take it to those queah puppy wolves from Brookline like you nevah seen boo boo! 4-1 LOL, who shouldn't but probably will get their hopes up after beating a shitty NU team. Also, Vinny is a Sap.
GW - Lowell 3-0

Maine@ BU

QQ- BU 5-1- The Terriers finish off the first half strong improving to 10-5-0 after they beat UNH and then Maine.  Not a bad first half for such a freshmen heavy team.
FM- BU 76-1
MWW -BU 4-1- BU goes Black Bear hunting.  (Side Note: Joey Diamond pulls a Darling but gets caught giving the finger to 108 and gets tossed [yes I want the effin over on him])
HS-BU 5-0- Let's see another shutout from Mags here to tack on another 2 points after what will be a hard fought battle in Durham on Thursday. Over/Under on Joey Diamond penalty minutes stands at 7 if you ask me. I'll take the over.
GW - BU 6-2.

Colgate @ UMass
QQ- Colgate 3-2- The toothpaste comes back and wins game 2 of the series.
FM- Colgate 4-3
MWW- UMass 4-1- See same exact pick, sweep
HS- Colgate 4-3- Colgate's weird. Sitting at .500 but they've beaten Harvard and Dartmouth but swept by Cornell and Miami.  But UMass has not looked so hot lately, splitting with NU and beating UVM to win 2 of their last 6. Colgate figures it out, wins 4-3 for the split.
GW - UMass 3-0

US U-18@Merrimack(Exhibition)

QQ - USA 4-3
FM- Mack 4-3
MWW - USA 4-2- whoever the best player is with a multi-point night
HS- USA 4-3- USA! USA! USA! USA! 4-3 U18 wins despite season-long inconsistency.
GW - USA 3-0

Sunday 12/9

US U-18 @UNH

QQ- UNH 3-1
FM- UNH 7-0
MWW- UNH 4-3 - UNH #1 in the first half of the season. Will be #25 when we are through with the hockey season
HS- 5-2 UNH- This will be ugly
GW - UNH 8-1

Monday 12/10

Lowell @ Harvard

QQ- Harvard 3-2-Lowell wins Saturday night so there is no chance they win again on Monday. Hahhhvad  takes it.
FM- Harvard 6-0
MWW- Harvard 4-1 Harvard gets another out of conference win
HS- Harvard 4-1- The smaht kids against the crack dealers! I'm honestly too exhausted to keep this Dickie Eklund voice up. Fuck it
GW - Lowell 3-0. Fuck you guys.

Tuesday 12/11

Army @ Merrimack

QQ-Merrimack 6-1- Army lost to Maine so yeahhhhh
FM- Merrimack 4-1
MWW -love Army, 5-0 Army (side note: Navy wins this weekend 35-21 in football)
HS- Merrimack 4-2- Warriors against actual people who fight wars. Unfortunately for Army, hockey isn't the same thing which might explain how they managed to lose to Maine. And Brown. But really, Maine
GW - Merrimack 3-0. Navy's better

UMass @ Yale

QQ- Yale 4-2- Yale is #15 in the country and at home. I just don't see the upset here.
FM- Yale 3-0
MWW- UMass 4-1- Mass gets a out of conference W
HS- 4-3 Yale-I still think everyone's boners for Yale (dating back over a year ago) aren't justified. But that doesn't mean that UMass will beat them on the road
GW- UMass 2-0. 

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