Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I can't fucking believe what I just saw with my two eyes. Throw a INT into quadruple coverage. Play stop the run and get the opposing team to hit a laugher of a punt. Get the ball back with some :40 odd seconds left on the clock and the game...NO... the season on the line. Shotgun position and you screw up the snap and let it go through your legs and have the opposing team recover. It's like I am watching the Little Giants in practice before they get somewhat good/ cheat to improve their chances.

So if you want to read a expletive filled rant about how the Jets suck and have nothing better to do with your life while Mark Sanchez makes the same amount as Brady next year hit the jump.

 Even though the Jets won't finish with the worst record in football, they are the laughing stock of the National Football League. Heck the god damn 49ers are running high school/ Friday Night Lights plays agains the almighty Patriots and are making it look easy. For God sakes what the efff happened to this team. I'll tell you what.

The dumbass owner made a deal with the Giants to build a new stadium. Said owner finds out that his fans suck and wont fill the seats. Comes up with grand plan to fill the PSLs. The Plan: After a horrid season you fire a OC that Sanchez liked and revolutionize your offensive mind set into some mediocre piece of shit scheme that every team knows from front to back, back to front.

 You enter the draft and say oh wow we need more defense. Give me MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So your GM that only understands contracts listens to a guy that in his own right would be a great defensive coordinator but somehow got a head coaching job and picks Quinton Couples with the 1st selection and goes defensive heavy throughout the draft.

Then comes Jesus. He enters and says excited 50 something times and the Daily News and NY Post have a field day. Dont get me wrong I love Tebow but he was not cut for this team, city, etc. He belongs with a team like Jacksonville.  Enter the season: the only dynamic player you have is a POS and fucks up his foot and can't play anymore. You being to struggle throughout the year. Run into a couple of butts and kick a ball around with the season on the line.

Fuck the Jets, Fuck Rex Ryan, Fuck Mark Sanchez, Fuck Mister T, Fuck Santonio Holmes, Fuck Saprano, Fuck Johnson, Fuck Every Player on the Team.

The only good thing that came from this season was Revis wasn't out there playing with these fools throughout the season. If you are too sensitive for cursing get off the blog and grow a pair. I am pissed. I have a right to feel this way.

PS- Also Patriot fans, ever think you are the equivalent of the New York Yankees. Yeah let that set in.
PSS- Dont forget but you sucked too before THE JETS GAVE YOU BRADY

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