Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting to Know the BSRS: Top 3 Guilty Pleasure Songs

Recently, I was told that I should do another music post. I asked for everyone's Top 3 Guilty Pleasure songs. Guarantee, you will see some random songs in there ranging from country to rap to chick songs but I know you will like it. Click the jump if you want to see our musical guilty pleasure songs.

HTS- King of Anything by Sara Bareilles; Love Song by The Cure (shout out to 311's awesome cover); The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson. [Honorable mentions to both Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and Kiss From a Rose by Seal]
As per the usual, HTS gives us many songs. King of Anything is good song for a once in a blue moon moment. LoveSong is great song in my opinion. Maybe that's because I like the Cure. Also, I think Ingrid Michaelson is brilliant. Great voice, great lyrics, great song. Can't really complain about that. Overall, good list. 

QQ- Taylor Swift-22; Tequila-BU Student Section Chant; Stacey's Mom -Fountain Of Wayne
Recently, the crew and I had a discussion about Swift. At end of the discussion, we agreed to disagree. QQ would date* her in a heartbeat. That's the only reason why he would listens to her. Who doesn't love Tequila? (the song and the drink). With the band and the fans doing......Ecstasy. Stacey's Mom is the MILF song of all MILF songs. You can read into the mind of QQ if you want. Only if T.Swift became a MILF and knocked on QQs door with a bottle of tequila wrapped around her arm and the BU band playing the Tequila song. 

FM- Like a Prayer- Madonna; Rumor Has It- Adele; Hands Clean- Alanis Morrisette
Obviously, FM and I should get married for liking the same Madonna song. Adele has one of the best voices in the business. Truly think that song is NOT a Guilty Pleasure but just an awesome song. Hands Clean makes me want to grab a tub of ice cream and watch chick crap and cuddle in a ball with the candles on with the bath tub warming up with 50 Shades of... of never mind.

GW- Colbie Caillat - Bubbly, Train - Meet Virginia, Augustana - Boston
 These songs are on the light music station on LI everyday for the whole entire year (98.6 FM). Well, any ladies will automatically see that GW has a loving, caring side to him. I see it as a weakness. Just kidding. The one song that saves the trio of songs is Colbie. Crinkle the toes part gets me every time.

MWW- Hips Dont Lie- Shakira; Stereo Love- Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina; Like a Prayer- Madonna
 Honestly, I have been to a Shakira concert. To all the male readers: if you are single, like girls, like girls that dance seductively, and love Shakira; I highly suggest going to her concert. It won't disappoint you. To all the female readers: learn to dance like her. Stereo Love is that girly songs that you know the lyrics and/or the beat but you don't want to sound like you became a Eurodouche. Let me be honest again, I grew up in a Madonna household. So I grew up on Madonna so I can't hate her. And I know all of the lyrics SO...yeah..crap...oh well... BC SUCKS

Now for the song that might define our guilty pleasures:

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