Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Pick Em: Beanpot Edition

 I continue to hold on to a slight lead over FM but that could all change in one week. GW, once again, had the best week and starting his comeback trail from his horrendous first half. I don't know if he has it in him to complete the comeback though. This week should be a good one with Beanpot starting up on Monday(those picks probably are NSFW)

QQ 83-70(.545) 5-5
FM 75-67 (.538) 4-6
HS 70-69(.504) 4-6
MWW 75-74(.503) 3-7
GW 54-70 (.435) 6-4
Ray 25-24(.510)

Friday 2/1

BU @ UMass

QQ- BU 4-2- This would be an easy game to overlook if the conference wasn't so tightly packed right now. This game is huge for BU and I think they rise to the occasion like they did versus PC last weekend.
FM- BU 3-2- Trap game, but UMass isn't good enough to capitalize.  Ryan Ruikka vindicates Coach Parker with a hat trick.  Everyone's brain explodes.
HS - BU 4-2 - UMass probably hasn't pickled away the memory of BU's last visit to Mullins, and so will play us strong at home with the final stretch of the season looming. The Terriers will be mentally prepared though, and will put in a 60-minute effort. This score prediction may or may not include an empty-netter (it'll be a closer game than MWW thinks).
MWW- BU 8-0- Mass isn't that great at home this year compared to other years. BU away record is solid with 3 games over .500.
GW- BU 3-1 UMass' lone goal comes from Fight Mass throwing trash on the ice in protest of UMass' shitty play up to that point. The ref, being blind, mistakes a hamburger for a puck and signals goal. Video evidence is inconclusive.


QQ- PC 3-2- Maine is hot but they also are winless at home this year. I'm not buying the Black Bears yet.
FM- PC 4-1- Maine regresses now that they're playing a team with more than 3 healthy defensemen and no pirates behind the bench
HS - Maine 4-3 (OT) - I have no idea what's going on (with Maine). I'm picking them mostly on the off-chance that I can make up some ground on QQ this weekend.
MWW- Maine 3-2- after last weekend I really don't know who to pick. Am taking Maine based on the fact they are playing well since the the 2nd half started
GW- PC 5-4. I'm big on PC this year, I think they've got a chance to make a little run in the Hockey East playoffs if Gillies stays sharp

Lowell @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 4-3- Battle of the valley goes to the Warriors because they're at home and I'm sick of everyone going on and on about Lowell.
FM- Lowell 5-1- Despite what I expected, the Whatsas are turning it around.  Merrimack falls further behind the Friars
HS - Lowell 3-1 - The Riverhawks' unbeaten streak continues at the most high-school-y rink in HEA.
MWW- Lol 3-1-LoL has been the best team since the 2nd half started in Hockey East. They are playing away and are road warriors this year.
GW- Lowell 3-2 UMass LOL continues their hot streak against an overmatched Merrimack team

UNH @ Northeastern

QQ- NU 3-2- NU shows up for this one at home as UNH continues to collapse.
FM- UNH 5-3- Cats do just enough to bail out Casey DeSmith.
HS - UNH 4-3 - Huskies showed up a couple of weeks ago and played hard, but I don't see them beating UNH on this one. Not yet.
MWW- UNH 4-1-  I have been predicting a UNH 2nd half flop but a free t-shirt is on the line
GW- UNH 4-3 The wildcats right the ship

Vermont @ BC

QQ- UVM 3-2- If you can't beat Maine, then you won't beat UVM either. Go Cats Go!
FM- UVM 2-1- The stoppable force meets the movable object.  Jerry gets cat-mounted.
HS - UVM 5-2 - Well obviously, this.
MWW- UVM 5-4- I picked UVM "Because I got high"
GW- UVM 4-2. All that pot smoke will cloud Jerry's already impaired vision and cause him to pull Milner in favor of one of the four students in attendance. Hilarity ensues.

Saturday 2/2

Merrimack @ UNH

QQ- UNH 3-2- At home, it is still tough to pick against UNH no matter how bad they may be playing.
FM- UNH 5-0- Four point weekend.  UNH lives free, Merrimack dies.  That's how it works up here.

HS - UNH 5-2 - UNH split with Hack down in Lawler. The loss was close, the win was emphatic. Kittens will defend the home turf easily. Also, picture actual kittens trying to play hockey. That is just adorable.
MWW- UNH 5-0- very hard to skate up in UNH when you are grinder team like Merrihack. UNH wins big
GW- UNH 3-2. Nice little sweep for UNH to kickstart the jets

Sunday 2/3

Lowell @ Maine

QQ- Lowell 4-3- Maine already beat Lowell once this year. I don't see it happening again.
FM- Lowell 3-0- Alfond is the new Lawler.  Walk in.  Take two points.  Leave.
HS - Lowell 4-2 - Regardless of what happens Friday, Maine will be too tired to take on both PC and LOL, two solid teams playing well lately, in the same weekend. Also Lowell might rip hits of angel dust before puck drop. So there's that.
MWW- Lol 3-2- Diamond pile drives Carr. Diamond gets ejected and gets a 6 game suspension and I win the over/under bet of 8
GW- Lowell 4-1. Lowell scares me right now. Also their hockey team is ok

Monday 2/4

Northeastern vs. BU(Beanpot)

QQ- BU 7-1- NU beat BU 6-5 in an up and down game a few weeks ago at Agganis. I don't see this one being close. I know it's the Beanpot but the Terriers should be fired up from the get go against NU. Aww poor Vinny Sap won't win the Beanpot with NU. #CauseItsThePot
FM- BU 9-3- Don't care if we win by seven, it's a loss in my mind if Vinny Saponari doesn't go back to Roxbury via MGH.
HS - BU 6-0 - If I could bear to associate myself with any Huskies fans I'm sure they'd be chirping me about this weekend. "Oh we beat you in Agganis ha ha faggots" etcetera. First of all, fuck your hypothetical intolerance you diseased livestock. You think BU is going to walk into TD Garden and lay down? No fucking way. The last time BU faced NU in the Garden we won. The time before that we smothered their Beanpot dreams with an old moldy pillow in 2009 and they tried to fight 700 Dog Pound members in North Station. They're such fucks and they deserve everything that comes to them as a result of this faux-rivalry.
MWW- BU 8-0- *NSFW  NU thinks this is a rivalry. Yeah for like a year and then we shat on them. NU Pucksluts running around with the clap. Jesus, keep the fly trap shut. But lets not blame it all on NU girls, NU guys are the scum of Boston. Dirty bitches. red n black red n black go shut the fuck up. You are the reason why we still have STIs in this world. BU wins
GW- BU 4-1. I...have nothing to say

Harvard vs. BC (Beanpot)

QQ- Harvard 3-2- I just won't pick BC in the Beanpot.
FM- Harvard 7-6- Do it for Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers.  Do it for the Hempest.  Do it for the Garment District.  Do it for that weird-ass fucked-up architecture at MIT.  Do it for everything the Cambridge SSR stands for.  FOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR CAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMBRIDGE.
HS - Harvard 6-2 - Fight fire with fire and divers with cheaters. Harvard's figured it all out.
MWW- Harvard  - *NSFW How on earth can you coach a game without seeing the game? York is as blind as Benedetto. In other news, expect Milner to pull a Madore and queef every time he spreads those legs to stop the puck. Expect to see JohnnyBitch not get up from a flop aka dies. And the rest of the team gets a case of IBS and shits their pants every time Harvard hits them. Harvard wins the game on emotionally game by the players that didn't cheat. After the game York announces his retirement due to unforeSEEN circumstances. Guess he'll need a SEEING eye dog to get out of the arena.
GW- Harvard 4-2 One team cheats. The other is Harvard

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