Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Pick Em Round 12

GW is on the comeback trail as myself and FM are letting everyone else back into it being the nice guys that we are. GW is over the .400 mark for the first time this season. He might just be unstoppable now...or not

QQ 64-49(.566) Last 7-8
FM 62-51(.549) Last 6-9
HS 57-53(.518) Last 8-7
MWW 58-52 (.527) Last 9-6
GW 36-49(.424) Last 10-5
Ray 25-24(.510)

Friday 1/4

Mercyhurst @ Maine

QQ- Maine 3-2- They seem to have figured it out as they took the Florida College classic last weekend with wins over Mn-Duluth and Cornell.
FM--Maine 4-1--even at their worst they were able to beat AHA teams
HS- Maine 4-2- Bears look like they might be getting back on track.
MWW- Maine 3-2- Maine cant be that bad, right?
GW - Maine 4-1

Lowell @ Clarkson

QQ- Lowell 4-1- Clarkson is a middle of the road EZAC team that Lowell should take care of.
FM--Lowell 2-1--Certain to be one of the least watchable games this weekend
HS- Lowell- Lowell is gawna match intah Pawtsdam with a wicked strawng swaggah aftah three straight wins ovah those queah Huskies, Hahvahd fairies and the fackin Bentley Falcons. Those Clackson hahd-ons think theah gawna beat da RIVAH HAWKS? NAWT TONIGHT.
MWW- Lowell 4-2- Lowell is the better team
GW - Lowell 5-0

Yale @ BC

QQ- Yale 3-2- BC dressing 5 freshman D and w/o Gaudreau seems like the time for Yale to beat them. Loss number 561 for Jerry!
FM--Yale 3-2
HS- Yale 5-0- Fuck BC
MWW-Yale 3-0-picking Yale obviously. Screw the Eagles
GW - Yale 3-2


QQ- BU 5-0- Grzelcyk is back with the team and will be needed. I expect a big time effort  from the
Terriers in this one. Maguire keeps the shutout streak going at home.
FM--BU 5-1--Complete with a Hatty from Jake Moscatel
HS- BU 4-1- Tough week for RPI, who is going to get spanked by both BU and UNH consecutively
MWW- BU 4-0- BU should be able to pick their heads up after last weekend and get a much needed win
GW - BU 10000000-0

PC @ Minnesota St

QQ-MSU 4-1- Could be a tough weekend for the Friars without Gillies and playing at the #14 team in the country for 2.
FM--PC 4-3--I smell a split this weekend
HS- MSU 3-2- Mavericks are rising in the polls and gaining some momentum lately, winning 9 of their last 10. Expect their streak to build against the Friars
MWW- Minnesota St 3-1- No Gilles means a W for Minnesota State
GW - PC - 3-2

Saturday 1/5

 Merrimack @ UVM

QQ- UVM 3-2- UVM is hot right now. Right off their win of the Catamount Cup
FM--Merrimack 3-2
HS- Merrimack 4-3- Mack gets fired up for this matchup after tying Princeton and getting stomped by Union in a disappointing weekend.
MWW- Merrimack 3-2-UVM lets in too many goals to take them serioulsy,
GW - UVM 4-1

Bentley @ NU

QQ- NU 3-1- This is totally a game NU will just not show up for and lose but I'm going to just hope that isn't the case for the conference's sake. Lowell snuck past these guys last week so I expect NU to do the same.
FM--NU 5-4
HS- NU 3-2- Huskies in what will surely be a shitty game to watch.
MWW- Bentley 5-2- Bentley have nice bunch of guys on the first line that should be able to put a few past NU early and often
GW - NU 3-1

Mercyhurst @ Maine

QQ- Maine 4-2- Maine will win just enough games in the second half for Whitehead to keep his job #keepWhitehead
FM--Maine 4-3
HS- Maine 3-2(OT)- I'm not sure if I want to throw Maine the sweep prediction...but Mercyhurst has done nothing of value all year, whereas at least Maine's last three games have given them 4 points and impressive performances throughout. Sweep it is.
MWW- Maine 3-2- Mercyhurst is 1-3 out of conference. Ill take Maine again.
GW - Maine 5-0


QQ- UNH 4-2- UNH didn't look great last weekend but they are very tough to beat at home.
FM--UNH 5-2
HS - UNH 4-1- Yeah. Cause it's RPI.
MWW- UNH 4-1- Rensselaer is having a bad weekend vs Hockey East opponents
GW - UNH 6-2

Lowell @ Clarkson

QQ- tie 3-3- Tough to see either team sweeping so I'm gonna go with Lowell taking 3 (non-existant because it is out of conference) points
FM--Lowell 4-2
HS- LOL 3-1- Clarkson recently swept a decent St. Lawrence team but then again, they're 3-3-1 in the EZAC (yikes). Lowell shows those fackin queahs what reel cawlidge hawkey is all about.
MWW- Clarkson 4-3- again Lowell is the better team but I cant see them sweep a weekend series
GW - Lowell 4-1

PC @ Minnesota St

QQ- MSU 4-1- If PC had Gillies, this would be a split. Without him, we re going with the Maverick sweep.
FM--MSU 3-2
HS- MSU 3-1- Gillies is in Russia pretending to be relevant behind the amazing goaltending of John Gibson. While he's winning Gold for basically being a sieve, PC has no one to save them from MSU.
MWW- MSU 2-1- think Providence will pull it together this game and make it closer but still no cigar
GW - PC 5-0

Wednesday 1/9

Harvard @ BU

QQ- BU 4-2- Havard has like half of their roster from opening night. It will be interesting to watch childhood friends Jimmy Vesey and Matt Grzelcyk go at it.
FM--BU 3-1
HS- BU 5-2- Terriers might have a slow start at first, considering the raw mileage of bike rides they're probably wrapping up around now. But don't expect that to stop them from taking another OOC win to start the new year.
MWW- BU 4-1- Harvard is a shell of what they were entering the season and BU gets another out of conference W
GW - BU 100-0. Facebook is overrated

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