Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weekly Pick Em

QQ 86-82(.512)
FM 77-76(.503)
HS 73-81 (.476)
MWW 79-85 (.479)
GW 58-81 (.416)
Ray 25-24

Friday 2/15

Lowell @ UMass

QQ- UMass 4-3- Taking the home teams in this rivalry matchup of state schools.
MWW- UMass 4-3- For some reason I like to take UMass at home. So yeah
HS - LOL 4-2 - Because reasons.
GW - UMass 5-2. Ehhh we'll see what they've got


QQ- NU 4-2- NU takes this one coming off another Beanpot disappointment
MWW- UVM 3-2- UVM travels to the worst area in Boston. Survives and takes the dub
HS - UVM 3-2 - I am picking the opposite of QQ nearly every pick for the rest of the season.
GW - NU 5-4 If Rawlings plays like he did during the Beanpot, NU is going to be a good club down the stretch

BC @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 5-2- Merrimack is red hot right now and Dennehy leads the Warriors to take down his alma mater.
MWW- Merrimack 4-1- FUCK BC
HS - Abstention -
GW- Merrimack 4-1. I mean, obviously

BU @ Maine

QQ- BU 4-0- Statement game. That is all.One shift at a time equals sound victories.
MWW Tie 3-3- Honestly, I want to pick Maine. BU has been playing mediocre at best hockey. Maine has been playing well. This is the make or break game in order to claim home ice for the playoffs.
GW- BU 7-2 BU is paced by a hat trick from the BOD, Matt Ronan

Saturday 2/16

BU @ Maine

QQ- BU 3-1- Break out the broomsticks and make room for all 4 ponies on the ride back.
MWW- BU 2-1- I think getting that 1 point earlier is huge and provides a little something the team has been missing. SIDE NOTE: DIAMOND GETS 2 GAME MISCONDUCTS IN 1 SHIFT(Editor's note: this is impossible but would be awesome)
GW - BU 3-1 Yet another hat trick for Ronan. Ponies for everybody

UMass @ Lowell

QQ- LowHell 4-2 - Bazin's bunch continues the inconsistent play with a split.
MWW- LOL 4-3- For some reason I like LoL to split the weekend. So yeah
HS - UMass 4-3 - Split is right, but not the way you all think.
GW- Lowell 2-1 Yeah screw it I'll give them the split


QQ- UVM 3-2- This series has split all over it. It's just guessing which team takes which night that makes it tough.
MWW- UVM 3-2- picking UVM again since they need these games and have the drive (when they aren't high)
HS - NU 3-2 - Reverse splits again.
GW- NU 3-1 NU goes for the sweep on those high motherfuckers in Burlington

Sunday 2/17

Merrimack @ PC

QQ- PC 3-2- Gillies steals one to stop Merrimack's streak.
MWW- PC 2-0- Gillies is legit. That is all
HS - Hack 2-1 - Gillies eats a burrito Saturday night, which has no mercy on his "five hole".
GW- PC 4-2. Yeah, now you all jump on the Gillies bandwagon. Figures


QQ- UNH 3-2- UNH is playing iffy as of late but still think they go into Newton and take one from BC.
MWW- UNH 5-4- tough choice here. taking UNH cause I really don't hate them, I just dislike them. Also I hate BC more so yeah. Also York dies in a middle of a S&M session before the game with the head priest of NCC. At the scene they find nude photos of the Pope
HS - Abstention - Fuck everyone at this game.
GW- UNH 6-3. UNH blows but hey, let's hope for the best

Tuesday 2/19

NU @ UMass

QQ- UMass 4-2- UMass is a tough team at home and NU is just way too inconsistent to predict.
MWW-UMass 4-3- Never met FightMass but, seems like they are nice and a win would be ideal for their drinking habits
HS - NU 2-1 - I would just like that T-shirt and this is how I'll get it.
GW- UMass 3-1. The Mullins Maniacs (I think I just made that up) show up in force for this midweek matchup

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