Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maine Preview-Heading North

 The BU Terriers look to rebound from a less than stellar performance in the Beanpot as they travel to Orono, Maine for two with the Black Bears this weekend.  The trip comes a tough time for the Terriers who are winless in their last 4 games. If you want to take a negative spin on it(as most people are), you could say going on the road to a hostile environment isn't going to help the confidence. You could point out that Maine is playing better as of late because they are at a 3-1-1 rate in their last 5. You could say that Tim Whitehead is a great coach and will take them to the promise land...just kidding. That's a little too much but the general attitude among fans is not one of positivity to say the least. I literally will never give up hope though so I am going to put a different view on this weekend.

Note- There is an awesome video clip after the jump so you should keep reading even if you think I'm unBEARable(see what I did there?)

  A weekend away from Boston might be just what the doctor ordered for this team. You don't have to look any further back than last season. Last season, the Terriers had lost 3 out of their last 4 along with a dismissal from the team before they headed to Vermont for 2 games. They swept those 2 from the last place Catamounts and got some momentum back before the HE playoffs while clinching home ice and advancing to the NCAA tournament. This year's team will have a similar opportunity. They are on the bubble right now sitting t12(16) in a 16 team field. It won't be easy though as they face an inconsistent Maine team. Maine has swept BC this semester . Their last game,however, was an egg against UVM. I would still expect a full crowd and solid all-around effort from Maine for these two this weekend. They tend to always give the Terriers trouble including a 1-0 BU win earlier this year.

 The Terriers need to play the games like it is them against the world. They need to play with that urgency and focus because that is what it is going to take the rest of the way to make the NCAA tournament. They have what it takes to be a top 10 team in the country. They proved that in December and all first semester with wins @ UNH and @ North Dakota.  They just need to find the mojo again and we'll win a national title just like I've been predicting all along.  Captain Megan will be looking into the camera on ESPN and shouting "No one believed in us!". He will then call out John Buccigross on live TV for being a fraud and throw in a BSRS shoutout. Okay, so that last part won't happen but the road to proving everyone wrong starts this weekend in Orono.

It is time to get back to taking the game one shift at a time. This team has the talent, the work ethic, and grit to beat any team in the country on any given day. They just need to start playing like it. No dumb penalties. No trying to clear the puck up the center of the ice. Limit bad turnovers.I am by no means an expert and have all the answers but if this team takes it one shift at a time, good things will happen. If they get back to basics,  home ice and a NCAA tournament berth are very much in reach. This team has the heart and mindset to pull out of this slump and I believe they will no matter how many people write them off. We're coming from Orono with 4 ponies. Legitimately though, I might steal 4 ponies while I'm up there.

The video below is Coach Parker answering questions from all the critics this week. Yeah, he has been working out. No, I don't know why he grew that little ponytail thing in the back of his head.

In case the video didn't embed correctly, you can also click here to view.

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