Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Senior Week: Jake "The Snake" Moscatel

This is the fourth part in a series of posts about BU's 2013 Senior Class. Be on the lookout for a new post each day, culminating with Wade Megan on Friday. You can read part one on Ryan Ruikka here,  part two on Ryan Santana here, and part three on Sean Escobedo here. 

Not many players successfully transfer from Division 3 sports to Division 1 sports, but then again not many players are Jake Moscatel. A beauty in every sense of the word, Jake's journey from an injured player at the University of New England to a starter and fan favorite at BU was certainly a strange one.
Prior to playing at UNE, Jake spent four seasons at Belmont Hill, playing along side future BU teammate Matt Ronan as well as current UVM Catamount Connor Brickley. He then spent one season in the EJHL with the Jr Bruins, registering 16 points in 39 games. Jake then went on to UNE, tallying 13 points in 24 games as a freshman. He only played in one game as a sophomore before getting hurt and missing the rest of the season. He then transferred to BU, believing his collegiate hockey career was over.

Moscatel played on the club team at BU for the first half of his junior season. After the turmoil of last December and January, Coach Parker added Jake to the roster just to have some depth. While Jake didn't dress in any games last season, he was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview. He has some great lines in that interview, from calling former Terrier Ross Gaudet whipped to talking about his grandfather, who was the former director of BU photo services (Jake is a third-generation Terrier). Moscatel even joked about how Coach Parker would always forget to assign him a team during his first few practices. My favorite line from the interview, though, has to be: "I try to stay single from December to February to avoid buying presents. That's just a vet move."

He's even a beauty when he naps!

This past season Mosky was arguably the Terriers most improved player. He saw his first game action in January following the departures of Myron and Cisse, and quickly became a regular in the starting lineup. Jake's proved to be a solid fourth liner who loves to muck-and-grind and was a key asset to this team. He potted his first D-1 goal March 8th at Northeastern and was a fan favorite well before that. There was even a "Paw Print Moscatel" campaign going to get Moscatel a pawprint on his helmet during the spring semester. Moscatel's value is much much more than his 1-0-1 stat line, as he brought a physical prescence that this team desperately needed at times. He was so important not only to the team but to the fans too. Moscatel was always one of the first to show his appreciation and I know the fans always appreciated it.

There is a chance Jake returns to the Terrier lineup next year by utilizing his final year of collegiate eligibility, although a minor hangup with the NCAA needs to be addressed first. Additionally, according to our sources (since we are legitimate media and all) Jake still needs to speak with Coach Quinn regarding his return next year. That is why we are writing this post. If this is it for Jake, we want him to get his due because he deserves it as much as anybody. He really is a Cinderella story - from D-III to club to D-1 grinder/beauty.

*Note to Coach Quinn: This is our official plea asking for you to bring Jake back next year. Don't think. Just do it.

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