Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013-2014 Projections-Updated

Here is our first look at next year's roster as it shapes up. This could and most likely will change over the summer as a few more recruits are added. There is always a chance of other guys going pro or leaving school later in the summer as Justin Courtnall did last season and Sahir Gill did this season.

Returning(15): F(8): O'Regan, Rodrigues, Hohmann, Kurker, Lane, Moran, Moscatel  D(5): Noonan, Grzelcyk, Oksanen, MacGregor, Ronan G(3): Maguire, O'Connor, Moccia

*Coming In(8): F(5): Kevin Duane, Brendan Collier, Robbie Baillageron, Tommy Kelley, Nick Roberto D(3): Doyle Somerby, Dalton MacAfee, TJ Ryan

Defensmen- 8
Goalies- 3

*As of now the roster total is 23 guys. Typical rosters size range between 25 and 30. I would expect another two or three forwards to be added this summer and maybe 1 more defenseman.


Projected Lineup
1a Lane- O'Regan- Rodrigues - 2/3 of this line were part of the hottest line in the country the last two months. Now someone will need to step up to fill Nieto's shoes on the left wing and I think Matt Lane is that guy. I am expecting a Hohmann/Rodrigues-like jump from his freshman to sophomore season. He began to show flashes of this down the stretch of this season.

1b Roberto- Hohmann- Kurker- This another line that will need to fill some pretty big shoes. Wade Megan graduated so I am thinking of sliding prized recruit Nick Roberto to left wing since he is a left handed shot and moving Sam Kurker up to right wing. 

3a Collier- Baillageron- Kelley- This line literally could be any combination of guys but I just picked the 3 that made the most sense based off of what I have read.

3b Moran- Duane- Moscatel- This line could very easily end up being the third line in terms of ice time. Moran and Moscatel played together this year so it makes sense to keep them together and have them mentor a freshman center. Size-wise Duane seems to fit with his big frame but  another incoming freshman TBD could easily fit here or the third line.

Defensemen (8)

1 Noonan- Grzelcyk- Best d-pair in the country

2. Oksanen- Somerby- Ahti should have more steady play this season and will be able to jump up into the play more often with Somerby as his partner. This will be a big d-pairing as both stand over 6'1".

3. McAfee- MacGregor- It seems like the final d pairing will be up for grabs come October. This d corps actually should have the depth to bench guys that don't play well which will be a luxury after this past season. Don't be shocked to see the BOD and Ryan see action as well. New coach David Quinn knows how to coach up dmen. There is no doubt in that.

-Ronan, Ryan


1a Maguire
1b OC
3 Moccia


  1. Flip flop Gill and Lane. I think Gill will benefit more from a pairing of Danny and ERod. Also a Lane Kruker Texas line sounds enticing to me.

    Are you going to do PP lines? PK lines?

    1. I think you can expect to see expanded roster projections sometime closer to the season. There's a pretty good chance that one or two recruits will be added to the roster between now and then, so we'll take a more comprehensive look at that point.