Friday, April 12, 2013

MWWs Food Reviews: Bagels

This is the first part of my series of my favorite foods and where you can eat them on campus or in Boston. I countdown my favorite 3 places and give you my own 2 cents why I eat there for the food and what I order. The series will start off with bagels. Honestly, New York makes better bagels. The places in Boston seem to either focus too much on the water, less focus on the consistency and even sometimes less on the toppings (poppy, everything, etc.) So I narrowed the bagel shops to 2 places that remind me of New York and where you can get a legit bagel. 

1. Espresso Royale Cafe (other ERCs & Bagel Rising too)- I love the bagels at this place. They do 'import' their bagels for Bagel Rising but I count them as one entity cause I tried both and the menu is basically the same. So yes ERC equals Bagel Rising. They are closest to a 'NY" bagel in Boston. The size, texture, taste are spot on. I usually get 2 bagels while I am there. Either go for everything or poppy with plain cream cheese and cinnamon raisin with plain cream cheese. When I decide to stay in and enjoy the 'diverse crowd', I always order a Tequila Sunrise on everything. That one bagel with a nice cup of coffee usually hits the spot for me as well. 

2. Aesop's in the GSU- I know some people will say the people are rude, not talkative, bagels aren't that good etc but I always enjoy myself with them. I've ordered about everything off their menu and nothing disappoints. I tend to go for a breakfast sandwich or the black forrest ham one. The key for this place to engage the people behind the counter. I started to know the people during my one and only summer session I went to. The people were just more so friendly and you got to know them.  The bagels are overall okay nothing like the ERC or even NY bagels. I think the reason I like them is the location and they are pretty friendly once you know them.  

3. N/A: I've tried so many bagel places in Boston. Brueggers, DD, Einsteins, the place underneath Warren before they turned it into a burrito place which I heard might turn to something else etc. I've traveled into the actual city and tried bagels there and gott royally disappointed. You name it I've tried it. Honestly, there are no good bagel places. Again I could be wrong, there could be a bagel shop somewhere where I haven't been able to go to. Who knows!

Next part of the series will focus on fine dining (jeez BSRS doing it big). I highly suggest naming other places to help us all out in the series. So if you know another bagel shop let us know. 

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