Thursday, June 13, 2013

MWWs Food Reviews: Restaurants

Todays topic is restaurants. You are probably saying to yourself "College kids don't really go out to eat unless it is for a special occasion." Well, yes and no. I'd suggest these places for either a special occasion or just for fun. I am looking at my favorite 3 restaurants in Boston. I judge them by taste, price, and of course location.

1. Panza: I found this place randomly one time during my first week at BU. A group of floormates and I went to the North End to see what's there. As we walked down Hanover Street we got hungry and low and behold, Cibo (later changed its name to Panza). So in my four years at BU, I've been here at least a dozen times and each time it was a food-orgasm. I suggest starting with the fried calamari. They serve it with this delicious yellow chesse colored sauce which is so outrageously good on the squid. I've tried a bunch of the entrees and they are all 10 for 10. Basically, the Italian food here is spot on. The price was remarkable perfect. The entrees vary from $14-$24 but remain closer to the $14 range. And let's get this straight, the North End is the perfect location to eat.

2. Stephanie's: Here me out on this one since I know some people won't even deal with this place. I went here for Easter dinner my sophomore year with a few friends. I ordered a pork chop. They won me right there with the taste. I've ben there 4 times (twice for Easter, and two separate occasions with the 'rents). The food is great. The waiters and host staff were super nice and helped out with nuisances with the menu (gave us food on the house one time). I suggest the Mac n Cheese as an entree, grilled pork chop, and grilled arctic char. The restaurant is pricey hence special occasions with parents and holidays but the food and service makes up for the price easily as well as the location (near a T on Newbury). Lastly, they have Bass Ale. I love Bass Ale.

3. The Parish Cafe: So for anybody that doesn't know this place, you are missing out. I meet my parents here once and it was to die for. First, you go to this place for sandwichs and beer. I tried other food here but each time I always steer myself to order a sandwich and once I turned 21 a beer. I haven't been in awhile so I think the menu changed but I remember ordering a delicious turkey club (bacon, guac... DAY'UM) and had a random beer from Germany and my dad ordered a tuna melt with a Dogfish 90 Min IPA. I suggest going here once you turn 21 or I think the sandwich-beer mix will hurt your overall experience here. Besides this place, the area gets kind of dead at night  but it usually crowded during the day and weekends as well as sport events.

I haven't decided what to do next. I was thinking about talking bout pizza but I know that is very rough topic to talk about similar to religion and politics. Might do ice cream or hole-in-the-wall joints.

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